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One year more. It's going fast. Am I taking advantage of every opportunity? You betcha.

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If you clicked on the link because of the promises, it could mean you could use some extra money (sorry, none actually available).

It could mean you’re a college student leaving the care of your parents. That may mean that you’re also leaving the care of their wallet. Which is great. You want the independence baby, you’ve got it. And that probably means things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Cause let’s face it, our parents do a lot for us. I mean, like…yeah. I’m not sure if it can be expressed much more clearly than that.  Picking up where they left off is a huge change.

At times we’re forced to improvise. We skimp on the extras. I go shopping for clothes once a year instead of my usual two trips. I buy the cheaper food at the expense of the costly organic stuff. Not that I care, I could live off of butter for weeks and my metabolism wouldn’t break a sweat. In this weeks episode of “How Andrew Can Avoid Spending Money,” he got a haircut.

FROM HIS FRIEND. It’s not incredibly drastic, but let me tell you, when I gave him the razor, I started to freak out. It didn’t help that he kept muttering “Oops,” under his breath and asking me if I had always had that bald patch. Thankfully if turned out well. I was both pleasantly surprised as well as triumphant in my attempts to escape a $15 fee. So now you can see the result yourself and let me know how it turned out (don’t be too harsh, it was his first time).

A Hard Day’s Work

So what if by 10 P.M. I’m too exhausted to keep my eyes open? So what if every muscle in my body aches with a soreness that has seeped into my bones? So what if, when taking off my shoes, I realize what it must smell like at a trash heap? I’ve had a hard day’s work.

In four days I’ve worked forty hours, and plan on having four more days like this. Oddly enough, it’s not as much as a problem as I might have expected. But here’s the way I see it: after four months of romping across Europe, I deserve some sort of back-wrenching, callus inducing labor. At the moment I’m working in houses, cleaning out the messes left by past residences before the new ones come in. This is the busy season.

I’m upset that no one tipped me off that money would be a concern starting with my collegiate career and continuing on through the rest of my life. I feel like that was a bit of worldly advice that would have served me better in kindergarten (who cares if A is for Apple?! U is for Unsubsidized Federal Loan and I need to know how I’m going to pay it of without losing my sanity). But what can I expect from a life that requires huge amounts of work to pay off what I’ve accrued?

Steer away the bad thoughts, have no fear, the way through is clear. In the solution is the resolution. Working all day, although overtly for pay, may in the end upend the notion of comfort, like Depends. Satisfaction depends on action just as the house well-used, although a fraction of the original cost, is infused with value of a different sort. So, umm, maybe my point on you is lost, but you should be entertained by this poem.