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A Tough Loss

How does one deal with heartbreak? I still can’t believe that we’re done. While I’m happy that the Bulldawgs made it to the second round, I would still have liked to make it to the next round. Did we have the ability to beat Marquette? I think so. Did we have the opportunity? Yes. Did the refs make some awful calls? Let’s not go there…

It had all the makings of a magical win. We were down four with less than a minute to go. I didn’t think that we would be able to make it. Then we had a full court pass, two points from goal tending, and a botched in pass. With maybe three seconds, we had the opportunity, the kind of opportunity that we had capitalized on time and time again. It got us past Marquette once before, it got us past IU, and it got us past Gonzaga.

At this point, my only goal is to distract my mind from the defeat. I really don’t find the other games that interesting. I don’t want to be a bad sport, but I think I’ve been spoiled with back-to-back championship game runs. I was too used to the magic happening. But life goes on, and I would bet anything that our men’s team is already looking forward to next year with the drive and determination that makes this program so phenomenal.

YouTube Preview Image

If you ask me, I think we used all of our good luck here.

What’s Up In America?

Every once in a while I need to remember that a whole country is continuing on with life as normal without me. I don’t think about it all that much, but pangs of regret flit through me whenever I remember. Here are some of the bigger things going on/have happened.

1) Burger King delivers. Enough said. I already know the first meal I’ll be eating when I get home. And I also know where I’ll be able to eat it. ANYWHERE!

2) The Jersey Shore TV show still exists. This aroused a feeling of regret, but of a different kind.

3) March Madness: I’ll admit, without the Butler Bulldogs representin’ I probably wouldn’t have been that involved anyway. But I give them a tip of the hat: it was very nice to put an off year exactly when I exit the country. I’m sure they’re already preparing for the next year.

4) My youngest sister Maria’s confirmation: only days before I return. ARGGGGGHHHH!!!

Of course, it’s not all bad. I have managed to find creative ways to unleash my pent-up frustration. The picture below is a prime example.