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Language Learning Online

How do you learn a language? Do you buy a book? Do you need to find native speakers? Or do you need to travel to another country? All of these are viable options, but some are very expensive, and require a lot of work that may be unnecessary.

It’s incredible all of the websites that have been created with the sole purpose of teaching languages to others. A website that I utilize is called Duo Lingo. It offers a number of languages, with focuses in the romantic languages (no, not like sparkling vampire romance, but languages derived from Latin, such as Spanish, French, and Italian.) It is a free service and offers a simple means of getting the basics of language without the hefty cost of Rosetta Stone.

Then you have other websites that can lead you to more language learning opportunities. Openculture and the Khan Academy would be other examples. This kind of exposure to other languages would have, once upon a time, been very difficult to encounter. Now it’s available and free for anyone with access to the internet.

If all goes well, you may be able to sing along to this song. Good luck, explorer. YouTube Preview Image