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ICS is the Best!

When preparing for those life changing events, it’s good to have some support. That’s exactly what the Internship and Career Services Office does. Don’t believe me? Well it’s not like I’ve mentioned this once or twice before, but I am adamant in this assertion.

Snazziest kid on campus. Who wouldn't hire him? No really, tell me, and I'll go change their mind.

After being called in to an interview in Chicago for a fantastic opportunity, I realized that this wasn’t the sort of thing that I would ever want to drop the ball on. So I called up the office, set up an appointment for a mock interview, and prepared for it.

They were more helpful than I could have imagined. They prepared questions, recorded a twenty minute interview, and then walked me through the recording to show me how I could improve, and where I was doing well.

I’m not gonna make any bets, but I am almost certain that I won’t walk out of that interview disappointed with my own performance. And that’s all I can ask for.

Resume the Resume’ Critique

I’m sitting on the top floor of Atherton as students are having resumes critiqued by professional employers. It’s part of a series of meetings that will continuously occur throughout the semester in which professional advice is given to students who are worrying about their future–be it procrastinating seniors such as myself or up-an’-attem freshmen.

A few weeks ago I attended a session on the basics of writing a resume. Now we are able to get direct feedback from people who are trained at spotting a good resume when they see one. We got the tips, and now we get to see someone’s immediate reaction to them. There’s no worrying about whether the resume I’ve thrown together is going to further my cause or set me back in my job search.

In the weeks to come I’m may be seen at similar sessions discussing the basics of interview questions, as well as putting these into practice with mock interviews. I’m certainly proud of myself for getting this stuff together. It’s one thing to set aside time to work on a resume, but it’s another to utilize the incredible resource that is Butler University in preparing me for the job search.