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A Week of Fun!

They finally did it guys. They made education fun. This is International Education Week, and in celebration, a number of events have been set up around campus, one of which I attended this evening. A sign-up was offered to anyone who wanted to go to India Palace, and I decided I would see if there was any space left.

When I went to check and it turned out there were a few spots left for free food, this was my initial reaction:YouTube Preview Image

When I spend my time cooking for myself, a free meal now not only means that I don’t have to pay for it, but I also don’t have to prepare it or clean it up.

In all seriousness, I think that International Education is incredibly important. There are two directions that a society can take: they can either close themselves off or open up. Any experience internationally is a move outwards, opening are eyes to how many other types of people exist, and gives us the opportunity to hear new ideas, challenge our own, and grow as a person. Plus, who doesn’t love Mango Lassi?

How to Bring in the New Year?

What is the best way to bring in the new year? We all know the basics: watching the ball drop at midnight, singing “Auld Lang Syne,” writing 2011 instead of 2012 for the next several weeks…But how does the rest of the world welcome the changing of the year?

That's me! And my brother (left)! Moments after the polar plunge. Brrrrr...

1. China: it is customary to eat fish and tofu, representative of excess and wealth. But don’t finish your plate, because that means you’ve used up all of your excess!

2. Denmark: the Danish save up old dishes throughout the year, so that on New Years Day, they can throw them at the doors of their friends. The more shattered dishes at one’s doorstep, the more loved the resident!

3. Latin and South America: seeking happiness, these citizens wear colorful underwear to bless the coming year in certain ways (red for love, yellow for luck, etc). I’m still not sure how people are made aware of their choice, since I didn’t have the means to “research” this…

4. Turkey: in an odd form of selfishness, the Turkish people partake in community service or volunteer events, all intended to bring them happiness for the year. Those being helped are not too concerned with this contradiction.

5. Estonia: seven meals eaten in one day to herald a fortuitous year. What the Estonians don’t account for are the stomach aches and indigestion. But hey, they only have up to go from there!

Personally, I started the year by jumping off a chair, cleaning my ears, taking a nap, and (in years past) jumping into a frigid river as part of the Polar Plunge. I hope your year begins in your own way, and whatever the traditions may your year be blessed!

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