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Movie Style Basketball

There’s a point in everyone’s life where they are watching a sports movie, and the clock is running down and they make the final point or goal or basket necessary to win the game. At this point usually you’ll roll your eyes and think, well this is absolutely ridiculous. That would never happen in real life. Right?

That’s what I keep thinking, but the Butler Basketball Program has succeeded three times in proving that this sort of thing isn’t only possible once every fifty years, but three times in the same season.

After watching Butler basketball excel in Hawaii, against IU, and now against Gonzaga, I find myself giddy at the thought of what March may hold. At the same time, I’m nervous. Have we ever gone into a tournament with this much energy, this much momentum? The Butler way seems to be as an underdog. Speaking of which, Trip is soon to replace Blue II. This may just be the end of an era.

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A Consumer Wonderland

After a while I got into a routine of shopping with my buddy. First we’d go to Aldi, a place that strives for cheapness at the expense of music in the aisles, bags at checkout, and motivated personnel. Then we’d head to Trader Joe’s for some great but pricey food.

We found ourselves at a crossroad when a mutual friend was accepted into the Super Special Sam’s Club (I’m not clear at the ceremony that took place, but I imagine an animal sacrifice and robes). In the interest of cashing in on these deals we went with him this morning for a chance to experience a hallmark of American society. What we found was beyond our wildest imagination.

Rows of flat screen TV’s sat side-by-side with huge tubs of ground coffee, one of the purest expressions of unconditional friendship I have ever witnessed. I could have bought spices by the five gallon bucket, enough frozen fish to populate the Pacific, and…and…Well, at about that point we realized we needed to get out of there while we still had money. So we called it quits (except wait, oh I do in fact need 14 pens) and headed out. Oh the joys of being a college student and bargain hunting!

This video represents another way that American consumer is aptly expressed: YouTube Preview Image


I was out at Broad Ripple the other night when I saw it. Insomnia Cookies. A faint recollection stirred from a past visit to Purdue. My friend had mentioned this amazing cookie place, and forever changed my perception of what a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cookie should be.

Now it’s in Broad Ripple. I hopped in with my friend, and it’s difficult to explain their expediency in delivering to me the exact cookie that I wanted. In retrospect, it seems that we entered and the servers turned to us with a smile and said, “What would you like–oh here it is. Enjoy!” And then I was back on the street munching on a S’mores cookie that was dripping all over my hands and face and then was gone and I still wasn’t quite sure what had happened but I was about three bucks lighter and two cookies fuller and a whole lot happier with myself.

Insomnia Cookies on Urbanspoon

For those seeking a moral from this blog, it’s that you need to spend less time looking for a moral and more time getting out to Insomnia Cookies to see what all the hubbub is about. I give this a rating of three and a half chocolate chips (take that as you will).

It’s A Journal, not a Diary…

Advice for all people planning on studying abroad: take a journal! The reasons are innumerable. You are going to want to remember everything that happens during the incredible months you have abroad. Also, you’ll improve your language proficiency in leaps and bounds.

So maybe not innumerable, just the two actually.

My biggest problem at this moment is time management. THERE’S TOO MUCH I WANT TO DO! (Admittedly a good problem). I want to read Harry Potter in Italian, watch movies in Italian, journal, spend time with friends, hit the town, travel…Man I love this place.

It's Journaling Time! (Sometimes I think I just shouldn't write anything in the caption...)