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Internship and Career Services

A common problem with higher education is a conflicting idealism versus practicality. Sure I can learn how to live a great, well-rounded life but does that mean I’ll be able to not drown in debt?

Besides the many merit and need-based scholarships for which we can thank the Admission’s Office for, there is another office that is unused for three-fourths of a Butler Student’s career, and then desperately sought out during that last fourth.

Internship and Career Services is a fantastic resource that connects what us Butler students have done over four years with what employers look for. I wandered into this office expecting a few run of the mill tips (here’s how you do a resume, here’s how you interview well, blah-dee-blah). What I received was a mountain of resources. Pamphlets, papers, magazines, and books were all gifted, geared towards my specific interests and requests. More importantly, contacts were given out. What I had expected to be a series of vague and broad bits of advice materialized instead as a number of specific, concrete leads that I am now free to explore.

Take that, stereotype of jobless English majors.

Everything that I was given! How awesome