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Indian Dance

Sangam has met again! And what a meeting it was. We met in the Diversity Center and were greeted by guests from the local university, IUPUI. This was the group called IDEA, which stands for Indian Dance Enthusiasts Association. They do a number of performances throughout the city, and all of their proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House, or other charities throughout the city.

They began the night with a presentation of two types of Indian dance. It was interesting seeing that the dances were not very traditional in nature. They had a hip-hop kick to them, and were fun to watch.

They were also fun to try! We ended the night by learning a few dance moves of our own. I quickly worked up a sweat, as well as my own enthusiasm for Indian Dance. I only hope now that there will be other opportunities to practice some dance moves, or see them carried out by a more skilled dancers.

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