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Butler Visit #1

Coming home to the United States necessitated two visits: my home in Fort Wayne, and my second home at Butler University. In leaving Italy, I had these two places to look forward to, in effect distracting my mind from what I was leaving. After returning to my home in Fort Wayne, it was only a matter of time before I knew I would need to return to Butler.

It was an odd moment of returning. I was there to visit friends: friends from freshman year, from my fraternity (Phi Delta Theta), from the English Department, or just the random people that I’ve met over the years.

What my two days of visit turned into was a string of meetings that left me exhausted and with a face sore from smiling and recounting stories. The only problem was that two days was not nearly enough. Not to mention that I had actual business to take care of–meeting with my landlord, meeting with the fantastic Kristen Raves–and planning for my summer return to the Butler campus. The trip was well worth it, and left me looking forward to my return to butler as a resident.

International Friends

It’s come to my attention that some of my readership demographic has become Italian. Therefore, I will mix up my agenda for this post. In a single blow, I will write a homage to my Italian friends, and welcome them into my blog with a translated post! (See Above)

New friends, good food...perfect!

I consider myself incredibly blessed that I have stumbled upon a wonderful group of Italians. From the start, they were all accommodating to our miserable attempts at Italian, offering us support and innumerable corrections that have helped cultivate my improving language skills.

Not only that, but they have opened up for me parts of Perugia I would not have experienced otherwise. We played indoor soccer (where unfortunately I perpetuated the myth that Americans are terrible at soccer), ping-pong, gone to Mass together, and above all, learned Italian swear words.

So, thank you new-found friends, you are truly making my time here memorable.


It’s like the “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants,” only with people of all genders, and pants aren’t a major player. I’m talking about the companionship of travelers, whether they’re local or international. Let me lay it out for you: it’s like going to a new school or away to college, and everyone is a little bit nervous, resulting in more open interactions (no one can act superior or aloof, since you’re all in the same boat. Or plane, for that matter).

The smoking booths we both found funny :)

On the plane from Chicago to Frankfurt, I met Manar, a 38 year old Palestinian woman who had spent six years studying to be a Pediatrician in Italy, and who was returning to Italy to renew her license after several years of travel. She speaks four languages, including Hebrew, Arabic, Italian, and English. You can’t make this stuff up.

So, for the three hours of lay over that she shared with my five, we wandered around the Frankfurt airport—which couldn’t be more bland—talking about whatever. We made fun of the German accents, marveled at the “Camel Smoking Stations,” and she even showed me her pictures from trips throughout Italy, offering pointers on places to visit. I know that I haven’t even reached my final destination, but for some reason I feel like I already made it.