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Finished, FINALly

And there we have it. I’m…done. I didn’t ever think it would actually go this far, you know. I’m not saying that I didn’t see the end as a possibility, I just didn’t see it as an eminent reality. But is that really my fault?

I’ve lived for years under the assumption that school is what we’re supposed to do and that’s what we’re going to do until we’ve done it. Who ever saw the “done it” as a thing of the past? I wasn’t aware that they were serious when they said it. I thought we would just find some other way to keep going, so that although its usefulness has outlived its course, we could still stick with what’s comfortable.

And so as I finished my penultimate finals with the submission of a paper on Dante, I turn to Youtube for solace, and find that they have exactly what I’m looking for.

YouTube Preview Image

Almost there!

I’ve arrived at my final assignment of the semester! It’s a paper written for the my independent study on The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. Sounds fun right?

I officially just reached my five page mark, meaning that I am (more or less) half way there. To give myself that extra little boost, I’m posting this crowd-pleasing anthem of Queen.

YouTube Preview Image

We can do it! A bond has formed between everyone on campus. People are complaining together (which makes it easier?…), sharing videos on facebook to enhance every moment of every study break (examples here and here), and we motivate each other so that when someone comes back from a final and wants nothing more than to take a nap, we stop them, and bring them out to study some more.

Finals Countdown

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That’s right. We’re getting down to the final moments of the semester. It’s flown by, and now all of campus stands on the precipice of two of the busiest weeks of the year. Some find themselves cramming a semester’s worth of review into these weeks. Others are sitting down to write those ten page papers that (we hope) are due in a week or so. Others find themselves preparing for projects on projects.

As always, Facebook becomes the easiest means of wasting time. But do you wanna know the worst part? The December weather has decided to act out during these busy days, blessing us with 65 degree days. I didn’t wear my winter coat all weekend, and even last night I was out on the porch chatting it up with my roommates. GAHHH!! WHY MUST WE BE CURSED WITH THIS INCREDIBLE WINTER!

In classic fashion, I decided to set up a scrimmage of ultimate today as a nice study break. Hopefully the rain that’s trying to become a factor holds off around 5 PM tonight. I still want to be active! Although who’s to say, if snow does hit us soon, maybe I’ll still be heading out to toss a frisbee around. The sky’s the limit.