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Applied Thesis Part 2

Chuck Klosterman is a fantastic writer in that he brings an intelligent eye to the world of pop culture, a field that interests most everybody alive today to some extent. You try and tell me that you haven’t felt some sort of visceral reaction towards the TV show “Honey Boo Boo.” Whether adoration or revulsion, you are officially affected by popular culture (No one said popular equaled quality).

I have experienced a “Chuck Klosterman moment” recently, a moment where my field of study overlapped with a major news event. My Honors Thesis focuses on the role that advanced technology has on blurring the lines between organic and synthetic material, human and non-human, virtual and material.

The “hacktivist” group called Anonymous attacked a United States Government Website over the controversial sentencing and subsequent suicide of hacker Aaron Schwartz. They created this video to transmit their message:

YouTube Preview Image

The video creates a unique blur between the real-time events of this hacktivist group and the narrative drive of such vigilante movie heroes such as Batman or the protagonist of “V for Vendetta.” Is the work of these hackers built on bluster? Can they back up their threats and demands? In either case they are proving that dangers to the US Government can come from new realms that were before non-existent or believed to be secure.

Sent Me Though a Loop

Must-see-movie of October 2012? Are you looking for a movie that will wake you up out of the hum-drum of your life, make you reflect on the power of memory, the human spirit, and love? Well then Looper is the movie that you should frequent. YouTube Preview Image

This science-fiction film does everything in its power to break out of the stereotypes of science-fiction. Set in a dystopic future, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, a drug-addicted assassin who kills…you probably didn’t guess it…men from the future. Thirty years into the future, time-travel has been invented, and crime bosses have decided to use this highly illegal technology to dispose of bodies.

Not interested yet? Bruce Willis (that’ll do it) plays Old Joe, who is sent back in time to be killed by Young Joe. Still follow me? He escapes, and Joe must kill Old Joe or else he’ll be ousted by his own boss. Old Joe can defend himself against Young Joe, but can’t kill him because doing so would be terminating himself. Using the power of a changing memory, Old Joe must protect himself and avoid being killed by himself all while trying to save the future from–

Well, I don’t want to give too much away. Hopefully this has gotten you interested enough to go out to your local theater and support a movie that is both literary and action-packed in all of its plot-twists. It’s one of the more intelligent and engaging movies I’ve seen in theaters for some time. So..what are you doing? Get out, go! Watch it!!!

[And here’s an interview with the director. Enjoy!]