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One year more. It's going fast. Am I taking advantage of every opportunity? You betcha.

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May 2009

I was fresh out of high school. I was the big man on campus, leaving to be the little man on the next campus. I had recently discovered my love of plaid shorts, and was entering into my obsession with Ultimate Frisbee that I would take to the collegiate level. I was putting down the flute—the instrument I had played for a good six years of concert and marching band—figuring that that sort of image might not be in my better interest to pursue (although of course i was mistaken).

With my eyes set on Butler’s campus, I was preparing myself. Stepping back, I looked at everything that I was and everything that I wanted to be, and made those adjustments. It was jitters mostly. The fantastic idea of a blank slate, leaving behind what you are and having the option to rebuild yourself. It was incredibly freeing, and slightly terrifying at the same time. But at the moment I was struggling to grasp onto this freedom, despite my parents still being a daily force in my life.

Current issues: looking for a summer job. I’d decided long ago that few things were more irritating than the job search. After spending my time in high school focusing on academics I had never gotten around to searching for a job. It was a little intimidating. I was basically asking a number of strangers to trust me enough to take me in based off of…well nothing to be honest. It would certainly be a fun time.

Also, who can forget that I still had braces?

Braces that would follow me into freshmen year. Hoorah...

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Where’d the Double Dream Hands Go?

School is about a month in, and for myself and nearly everybody I know, it hit us this past week like a brick wall. One we should’ve seen coming, but which threw us to the ground anyway. Classes finally hit their stride, free time is dwindling, and focus is now necessary to get through the hours of homework.

To illustrate. The year started off with a care-free attitude, much like the attitude of The Double Dream Hands guy. He’s out there, getting “jiggy” with it (as the young kids today would say). I was an SOG for welcome week, and loved every minute of it. Attitudes were positive, spirit was great, and the whole year stretched before us with optimism.

All of the Student Orientation Guides (SOG)

Now it’s time for business. We have our goals for the semester lined out before us. Our class objectives are clear; it’s only a matter of accomplishing them. Now that I’ve realized it, I’m calm. But I’ll admit that when I first hit the wall o’ work, my face probably gave away that I was a little shocked.