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If you clicked on the link because of the promises, it could mean you could use some extra money (sorry, none actually available).

It could mean you’re a college student leaving the care of your parents. That may mean that you’re also leaving the care of their wallet. Which is great. You want the independence baby, you’ve got it. And that probably means things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Cause let’s face it, our parents do a lot for us. I mean, like…yeah. I’m not sure if it can be expressed much more clearly than that.  Picking up where they left off is a huge change.

At times we’re forced to improvise. We skimp on the extras. I go shopping for clothes once a year instead of my usual two trips. I buy the cheaper food at the expense of the costly organic stuff. Not that I care, I could live off of butter for weeks and my metabolism wouldn’t break a sweat. In this weeks episode of “How Andrew Can Avoid Spending Money,” he got a haircut.

FROM HIS FRIEND. It’s not incredibly drastic, but let me tell you, when I gave him the razor, I started to freak out. It didn’t help that he kept muttering “Oops,” under his breath and asking me if I had always had that bald patch. Thankfully if turned out well. I was both pleasantly surprised as well as triumphant in my attempts to escape a $15 fee. So now you can see the result yourself and let me know how it turned out (don’t be too harsh, it was his first time).

New Classes

Last week the final stretch of classes commenced, and what a relief it has been. To give you an idea of the new velocity we’re learning out, here’s a rundown of the first week:

-Due to the time at which my schedule was given to me, I missed the first lesson. Three hours. In those three hours, I missed approximately five different past tenses, all of which I had expected to be covered over the entire month. On a related note, I am coming to appreciate the simplicity of English verbs.

-The difficulty of discussion has advanced: rather than spending the entirety of three months talking about what we did over the weekend (vocabulary barriers tend to deaden a conversation) we spent one class talking about xenophobia around the world and another discussing euthanasia.

-I feel the need to study! It’s a fantastic thing. The motivation no longer has to be entirely internal.

The biggest difference of all between the classes is the speaking level of everyone in the class. While before we had a wide range (skilled to barely uttering syllables) everyone is much more ahead, with the exception of our Australian friend Tim who is quite a hoot: maybe in his 70’s, speaks as if unaware that an Italian accent exists, but with a reading level far ahead of all of us. He casually dropped once that he’d read a number of books in Italian, and it shows in his eclectic use of massive words.

Metaphor of a moment of introspection

Other things going on in my life: I visited Milano, one of the most modernized cities in the country. It was a fantastic experience, because I got to see what a “modern” city in Italy would be like. Originally I had imagined grey, dark streets and towering skyscrapers that blocked out the sun. In fact, the city managed to combine the beauty of most Italian cities with modernity, transforming it into perhaps one of my favorite cities. Not to mention the fantastic Argentinian burgers I ate there.

First Mall of the World!

Beautiful Stained Glass from Milan's Duomo