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And Now For Something Completely Different

Have you ever been at a party, and suddenly it morphs into a Youtube Party? (Definition: n. a get together in which persons take turns–usually in a counter-clockwise direction–sharing their favorite Youtube videos.) This is not a phenomenon limited to any one country. Here are some clips from the most recent YP (as they’re calling it these days) that I attended.

1. Funny cat video

2. Monty Python–CLASSIC

3. Cute/Funny Baby–ESSENTIAL

4. More Cats–Cant’ live with ‘em, can’t live without their videos

5. A Few Tips on How to Act, Brought to You by Gandalf

6. Babies and Biting –talk about a throwback

7. And to finish off, K-pop. Why the heck not?

On a randomsidenote, I really miss french fries. So I made some. Now I miss them more. This message brought to you by Speedstick.

European Fashion 101

Well, one thing I’ve learned about Europe is that they are not on the same wavelength as America. That’s right. Turns out we’re NOT the center of the universe…weird.

It’s the fashion that is most easily notable. The first day, every which way that I looked I saw hats that were much longer than they needed to be, and jackets that were about two and a half times too poofy.

IT'S SO FLUFFY!!! (I mean extended. If you get that reference you rock)

Naturally, I have the strong desire to blend in. Who wants to overtly appear American? Not me (our rep isn’t so great over here). So, within the first two weeks I made sure to purchase a long hat (“una capella lunga” as I like to call them) and my next mission is to hunt down a puffy jacket (or giacca vento). If you join me in this mission, perhaps you can beat the fashion curve across the pond.