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Continuous Kindness

In a previous article I mentioned that at our Easter lunch we went around the table and talked about acts of kindness that inspire us. For me, that comes from Susan Sutherlin.

A professor at Butler, she organizes a group of MFA and undergraduate student volunteers to visit a local high school and teach poetry and fiction writing. Susan works with such vigor every single day that the program has grown rapidly in its two short years of existence, oftentimes acting more than a simple after-school program. Through various grants food is provided for the kids (an essential, since I remember being a teenager and the constant hunger that dogged me).

More importantly, the program is more than improving reading or writing skills. It’s about the growth of the students, in their ability to express themselves and their confidence. Just see for yourself: YouTube Preview Image

And it’s not a one way street. I’m astounded every time I volunteer by the passion these kids exhibit that I feel compelled to bring myself up to their level. It’s been one of my most rewarding experiences of my time at Butler. But really, just check these poets out! YouTube Preview Image

Laban (Definition Please?)

For the first time in my life I entered Butler’s dance studio and took part in Laban, a modern dance movement created by Rudolf Laban in the 20th century. It’s goal is to create a community of movement, something radically missing from our society, he claims.

Once the class got past the giggles of feeling ridiculous, we experienced something extraordinary: a cohesive system of movements that brought us together. It wasn’t anything like dancing at a party. It was…more. I was thrilled to see this side of the dance department that I had before been isolated from.

Lauren: so cold but so talented!

Here’s what Lauren, a Dance major, has to say about Butler’s dance department: “It is so diverse in what they are teaching us. We are doing everything including classical ballet, modern, jazz, different types of character; slavic and spanish, and we also learn how to write music for dance and how to denote different types of movement and analyze it.”