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S’more please!

College life: the ultimate balancing trick. Everyone feels like they’re on top of the world: they’re free of parents and the obligations of the working world. So much free time and so much to do! And then classes start, and clubs start having meetings, and suddenly you’re scrambling for a bit of free time.

That’s when the social opportunities offered by Greek life become a nice relief. Alpha Chi Omega, a resident sorority, hosted s’mores on their front lawn. A buck for two, it was a really nice opportunity to get out into the nice summer evening and chat.

Not to mention the s’mores were delicious. I opted for a double-mallow Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup s’more. It was divine. So I spent the evening relaxing, chatting with friends, and eventually going home to realize that I smelled quite a bit of camp-fire smoke.