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One year more. It's going fast. Am I taking advantage of every opportunity? You betcha.

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Nightime Adventures

It was all set up to be a boring Saturday night. And then we realized #yolo.

A friend and I were bored. So what did we do? Found some friends who were watching a movie. The Proposal. Although I missed Sandra Bullock as a philanthropic empowered woman from the South, she held her own as an uptight, empowered woman from NYC. Also I now understand why people consider Ryan Reynolds is dreamy, and why he was never meant to be a comic book hero.

Then we went for a drive, getting some cookie-dough at the Marsh open 24/7. Warning labels aside, we split the doughy package and ate it open (Note: This blog does not endorse the intentional disregard of science). I even got a chance to try out driving a stick-shift. I quickly caught on to how you stall out a manual car. Later I figured out how to get the car moving.

Finally we dropped in to Moe and Johnny’s for a bite to eat. All these adventures had us hungry!