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And Now For Something Completely Different

Have you ever been at a party, and suddenly it morphs into a Youtube Party? (Definition: n. a get together in which persons take turns–usually in a counter-clockwise direction–sharing their favorite Youtube videos.) This is not a phenomenon limited to any one country. Here are some clips from the most recent YP (as they’re calling it these days) that I attended.

1. Funny cat video

2. Monty Python–CLASSIC

3. Cute/Funny Baby–ESSENTIAL

4. More Cats–Cant’ live with ‘em, can’t live without their videos

5. A Few Tips on How to Act, Brought to You by Gandalf

6. Babies and Biting –talk about a throwback

7. And to finish off, K-pop. Why the heck not?

On a randomsidenote, I really miss french fries. So I made some. Now I miss them more. This message brought to you by Speedstick.