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Core Classes

A key component to the liberal arts education that Butler University offers is the core curriculum. These classes cover a broad range of topics from the creative arts to the hard sciences, and a lot in between.

At the start of this semester, I was kicking myself for putting off my Natural World core class till the very last semester. Genetics and Evolution. However, it’s actually been a fantastic experience, much better than I had expected. I wasn’t hesitant because I thought the class would be bad, but I was worried about the longevity of my motivation in the final months before graduation.

We began with genetics, working to understand the mechanisms that drive our genes on a molecular genetics. Now we are zooming out to see how that works on a global scale, delving into the work of Darwin and his theory of evolution. Yet this class never focuses too narrowly on the specifics of how these all work. Rather, we goo deep enough to understand the concepts, and then broaden our scope to see how this impacts our understanding of cloning, genetic recombination and modification, and how insurance companies are trying to steal our DNA (not really, but watch out…).

Senior Wine Tasting

A wine tasting was put on for the senior class, and what a blast it was. Gary Hulseman, a sales manager for a wine distributor in Indianapolis, provided the beverages as well as the presentation. A wine tasting isn’t about imbibing so much as it is about education of this product that has around 5,000 years of history, and several thousand variations of grapes.

It was a class affair, and all of the seniors showed up in style. At one point I sampled a cheese puff (“Absolutely exquisite,” I declared) and there was a wonderful array of cheeses at our tables. The presentation began with an example of how to taste wine. Due to my own excitement over this very subject, I helped with the explanation to the group. Turns out that going to Italy DOES have its upsides.

The wines were incredible. We had Pinot Noirs, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Sangiovese Chianti, a Zinfandel, and many more. And I learned all the fun facts. A mellow yellow is great for food because it won’t overpower the taste of the food. A Sangiovese Chianti has an orange tint around the rim that you won’t find in any other red. It was basically one big exercise in being classy.


CAMPUS ALERT: There are camels at Butler. The sophomore class hosted this event on the mall to show that they have both the wit to make a joke and the ability to carry it out in such an impressive fashion. So let’s break it down.

On one level, we have camels on campus. Isn’t that enough? Camels are so random in their own right that it is absolutely hilarious in bring them to campus. Think of how a student walking to class would react to these camels. Are they going to think: “What’s going on? That’s odd…camels.” No, they aren’t going to question when good things are happening. They will go see the camels.

The second level of irony comes from the now infamous campus alert a few weeks ago informing all of campus that a criminal was running “towrad the camel,” a phrase that obviously meant “towards the canal,” but which is now stuck in the comic memory of every butler student.

Photo courtesy of Irene Stevens

The only problem now is that I’m so distracted from doing the work that I need to do. Thus, I write this post.

Classes Registration: It’s Great to be a Senior

I registered for my classes this semester, and man am I loving my future senior status. For instance, I registered in the first time slot available (thanks to the Honors Program) and I felt like I was holding all of Butler University in my palm. Thankfully, my crazed fit of power was short lived. I really should never be in a position of ultimate power…what am I saying, no one should!

In these, my final two semesters at Butler University, I will be taking advantage of everything that Butler has to offer me. For instance, I will be taking two independent studies, one for literature and one for Italian literature. When I relayed this information to my friend who goes to a state school in South Caroline that has upwards of 30,000 students, he was amazed by the idea of working one-on-one with a professor for a semester.

Besides these, I will be immersing myself in a broad array of subjects. I have the time because I am quite ahead of my schedule for graduation. I have signed up for a class that will have me teaching creative writing in a local school, one that will teach me advanced techniques of HTML website design, Chinese (it seems about time to start in on my second language), and I’ve got my fingers crossed for ballroom dance. (The video below illustrates what I expect my life to be like with ballroom dance. YouTube Preview Image

My Class

That’s right, it turns out we rock. I write to you today about my class for two reasons. Primarily, because they couldn’t be more boss. The second and sadder reason is that already some have had to depart. Joao from Brazil and Sylvia from South Korea (the Italian-name alternative to her real name) have returned to their home countries.

I miss them already!!!

The night before they left, we threw them a party, and celebrated the bond that has been formed between all of us. We’ve had good times in class, learned another language that facilitated our relationships, and the sadness of having to depart from each other so early.

My classroom is a microcosm of the world, and it’s incredible every day seeing that, true to the Italian saying, “Tutto il mondo e’ una paese.” This means: “All of the world is a village.” And what THIS means is that no matter where you come from, countries will have the same problems, the same conflicts, and in the end the same kind of people who want to see the best in others and enjoy the life and experiences given to them.