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One year more. It's going fast. Am I taking advantage of every opportunity? You betcha.

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Spring Approaches

This year, everything I write has been put through Google translator twice, one in Italian, again and again in English. I hope that this post contains a modicum* of sense. Why? Because I can. 

Two months is approaching! This marks the halfway point of the semester. I am happier than I could imagine, first of all because my Italian is reaching unknown heights of skill (I can stumble into a conversation of moderate intensity), and also because I am constantly awed and overwhelmed by the magnitude of this experience.

Pictureseque, this is. -Yoda

I took a ride* today, and stopped halfway because of what I saw. The Italian hillside paved* me. And ‘finally becomes hot again (after weeks of cold and snow) and the campaign*, everything seems to be swelling and reopening the sun*. Hmm, I wonder if I could draw a correlation between the earth and the sun in my experience with Italy, but I think I’m running out spongiform*-
*Translator uses better vocab than me
*country side
*flowering beneath the sun
*Patience (this wins the best translation of the day. Congratulations)