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A Tough Loss

How does one deal with heartbreak? I still can’t believe that we’re done. While I’m happy that the Bulldawgs made it to the second round, I would still have liked to make it to the next round. Did we have the ability to beat Marquette? I think so. Did we have the opportunity? Yes. Did the refs make some awful calls? Let’s not go there…

It had all the makings of a magical win. We were down four with less than a minute to go. I didn’t think that we would be able to make it. Then we had a full court pass, two points from goal tending, and a botched in pass. With maybe three seconds, we had the opportunity, the kind of opportunity that we had capitalized on time and time again. It got us past Marquette once before, it got us past IU, and it got us past Gonzaga.

At this point, my only goal is to distract my mind from the defeat. I really don’t find the other games that interesting. I don’t want to be a bad sport, but I think I’ve been spoiled with back-to-back championship game runs. I was too used to the magic happening. But life goes on, and I would bet anything that our men’s team is already looking forward to next year with the drive and determination that makes this program so phenomenal.

YouTube Preview Image

If you ask me, I think we used all of our good luck here.

A Bulldog At Heart

For spring break I road-tripped down to Savannah, Georgia to soak up some southern sun on the beaches of Tybee Island and appreciate the historical center of Savannah. At the same time,  the Men’s Basketball team was entering the beginning of the A-10 tournament.

We could’ve stayed on the beach, but we couldn’t resist the possibility of watching the Bulldogs play Dayton. We found a sports bar in downtown Savannah, and enjoyed the game against Dayton. It was a fantastic experience, enjoying a few pints while enjoying Clarke’s laser threes, or Dunham’s fantastic free throw shooting.

The loss against SLU was disappointing, but that hasn’t done anything to dampen our excitement for March Madness. Today I got together with some friends to watch Selection Sunday, where we learn that Butler received a sixth seed, and will be playing Bucknell first round. This Thursday, I know what I’ll be doing!

Are we gonna lose? BUCK-NO!

Movie Style Basketball

There’s a point in everyone’s life where they are watching a sports movie, and the clock is running down and they make the final point or goal or basket necessary to win the game. At this point usually you’ll roll your eyes and think, well this is absolutely ridiculous. That would never happen in real life. Right?

That’s what I keep thinking, but the Butler Basketball Program has succeeded three times in proving that this sort of thing isn’t only possible once every fifty years, but three times in the same season.

After watching Butler basketball excel in Hawaii, against IU, and now against Gonzaga, I find myself giddy at the thought of what March may hold. At the same time, I’m nervous. Have we ever gone into a tournament with this much energy, this much momentum? The Butler way seems to be as an underdog. Speaking of which, Trip is soon to replace Blue II. This may just be the end of an era.

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People Tall and Short

It was late last week when Butler played IU for one of the greatest upsets of my time here at Butler for our basketball program. I haven’t been this excited for basketball since our Final Four runs two and three years ago. Few except the most stalwart and stubborn fans really expected the win. The best part of the game? Honestly hard to pick. Was it when Stigall kept going for threes? Or when three of our players fouled out in overtime? Or when Barlow took his sweet time getting the game-changing two points?

No, obviously the best part was every moment that I avoided a heart attack. I’ll say that I personally am surprised to have survived the whole ordeal. How did I manage it? I’ll just go ahead and give you the secret. It wasn’t through fortitude or patience or belief in the Butler program. I was looking forward to a viewing of “The Hobbit” after the game, and knew that I couldn’t waste time dying when so much more fun was to be had.

I saw the movie, which I review here, and then went to eat at Pei Wei, a first time experience for me. It was very interesting. Think Panda Express meets A Mongolian grill, all in the setting of a PF Chang’s. YouTube Preview Image

The Butler Buzzerbeater

It’s great having a basketball team that performs very well (on most years) and gets opportunities to travel to Maui for an invitational tournament. My friend on the cheer-leading squad  has been looking forward to it the whole semester, and couldn’t stop talking about it over the last few days.

What’s even more fantastic is having a team perform exceptionally during the tournament! I had caught some of the game on the radio as I drove home, but I wasn’t able to catch the last few minutes. As soon as I got home, my facebook newsfeed was on fire with comments about the game. And what did most of the comments have in common? This clip, courtesy of Rotnie Clark.

YouTube Preview Image

Some may look at this as a redemption of Hayward’s missed last minute three point shot in the final moments of the March Madness tournament. I imagine this is how our team is preparing for another such event, should the need arise for a buzzer-beating three pointer. And judging by the results, we’ll be prepared next time. March Madness, here we come.