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Lazy Monday

My Monday started with procrastination. That good ol’ snooze button. I had gone to bed with high hopes and a goal of 6:30 AM. Unfortunately, I snoozed till 7. Then reset it for 8, at which point I turned off the alarm entirely. I woke up at 11. I skyped with my girlfriend for a bit while still in bed. The thought of moving myself was too much to handle.

Then I…well I couldn’t really tell you what I did. I have vague recollections of reading a bit of Paradise Lost, lounging, writing, sprawling, watching online TV…you get the idea. It was reminiscent of Adam Samberg’s “Lazy Sunday,” but later in the week. I should have been partaking in the world of productivity, that great economic wheel that aids the hard workers and spurns the wasteful. I selected the third option: non-participation.

I could claim it as a struggle against the system, that churning system of money that turns people into expendable parts, discard-able orange peals as Willy Loman described his sorry situation. But no. It was just a bit of laziness. I’m not an adult. I can pretend, but I really don’t have those responsibilities yet and I might as well enjoy it every once in a while.

And then you find a brilliant man that voices everything you are thinking:

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Morning Walk Pt. 2

At this point, I’m beyond attempting to wrap my mind around the idea that I’m here in Perugia, in the heart of Italy, able to watch the morning rays saturate the brick facades of thousand year old churches, walls, and towers. I’m just going to enjoy it.

I saw a playground at the base of the Etruscan Wall, more than 2000 years old, and could only dream of being a kid who could play here, running around and after the pigeons under the stones that have lasted through the ages, through the reigns of multiple civilizations and eras.

As I walked home, I gave thanks for this opportunity. In the caffe’ as I ate my cornetto, I pondered the mysteries of this place. Then I remembered I have some homework…maybe I can get to that later.

Morning Walk

If you’ve ever wondered, fog doesn’t “roll” in so much as it “marches” in. I say this because this morning I got up at 6:30 AM and took a stroll around the narrow streets of Perugia, and came out to the edge of the town where I drank in the panorama of Umbria hill-country.

Naturally, I came up with some of the most amazing pictures ever. This post is 1/3 words, 2/3 pictures. You’re probably sick of hearing my talk anyway.

I climbed to the nearby Monastery and sat on the steps as I contemplated the early morning sun, the tolling bells (who do they toll for again?), and the birds reveling in a sight I witness far too rarely.
The morning completed HERE

Parental Advisory (No Worries, It’s Positive!)

Try not to be intimidated.

Frisbee: the name of the sport I play and the dog I adore. When I’m away at college, I forget about my poor little Pomeranian (he tries to be manly, but a puff-ball can only do so much). When I returned home for fall break, he was one of those little pieces that I realized I missed despite not thinking about him for the past two months.

That’s what college does: the ordinary and routine of home life suddenly deepens. It turns out—and let this secret slip—that our parents and loved ones do a lot for us. It’s not until you’re away from it for a while does the appreciation grow.

So, this goes out to all of the mothers and fathers out there who do so much for their children. I want to send them a message of hope: they will be grateful. But probably not until they leave. And for those of you planning your collegiate exodus from home: consider what you have now. The few seconds it takes may make you a happier part of your family.