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India meets Ice

Imagine the movie Miracle, but with more curry. The Sangam club met again yesterday for a movie night, the final meeting of the semester. We were given two options to watch, either Slumdog Millionaire or Breakaway, a movie that I had never heard of before. Since practically everyone had seen the former, we elected the latter.

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The trailer should give you an idea of what the movie was like, but to sum it up for people who don’t have a spare two minutes to spend watching a trailer: Indian family living in Toronto struggles with managing their cultural traditions and the Canadian culture. Rather unsurprisingly, the conflict comes to a boil over an ice rink.

The movie is hilarious, thanks mostly to the goalie who was my favorite character. There were laugh-out-loud moments, touching moments, sad moments, and above all, Bollywood dancing moments. The most confusing scene for me centered around an appearance made by Drake in a club. But who am I to judge.