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The Injury: Part 2

Spring Sports Spectacular, held every spring, raises money for the Special Olympics and allows for campus-wide competition in an array of sports. I didn’t care about the basketball or Oreo stacking. Ultimate Frisbee was all I concerned myself with. I had won my freshman and sophomore years, but Phi Delta Theta’s team had foundered last year while I was abroad.

We were back for revenge.

The event started at 1 AM. I thought it might be cause for concern, but as soon as I was on the field my blood was pumping and all I wanted to do was chase that disc (the jury is still out on whether I’m descended from our canine companions). Under the fluorescent lights we won a hard fought game against Phi Kappa Psi, wining in overtime. Delta Tau Delta was our next competition.

Mid-Game, it happened. Pop. I had been on defense when I stumbled and the offender came down on my leg. Pop. I knew immediately that I was done, and that I would be on the sidelines for the remainder of the game.

As I rode off to the ER in my friend’s car at three in the morning, trying to stabilize the bone that seemed to move anytime we hit a bump, I didn’t even consider how different the end of my year would be.

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  3. Sorry about your injury. Better luck next time.

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  6. Sorry to hear about your injury. Better luck next time, man :)

  7. Corbin says:

    My brother broke his arm twice, the second time he said he heard the pop you describe. I can’t even imagine. *squeems. Get well!

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  45. That is rough man! Sorry to hear about your injury.

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  47. What was your injury? You say “POP” as if you heard something tear, but from what you described it may just have been getting your leg stepped on by someone wearing cleats… What is it?!?! can’t take the suspense :)

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  53. Bekah says:

    I’m loving the suspense built from reading this story in parts. Well played.

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