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Spring Break: Georgia

For a combined 25 hours of driving, going to Tybee Island, Georgia was well worth it. We were a five minute walk from the beach, and a thirty minute drive from historic Savannah Georgia.

Some highlights include:

1) Learning that when you find a cheap hotel, you get what you pay for.

2) Learning how misleading pictures on a website can be.

3) Decide that it only takes good friends and a few games of euchre to get through disappointment.

4) Laying out on the beach, confident that I have plenty of Aloe back in the hotel room.

5) Eating at Bojangles, getting some chicken and sweet tea. Gotta love sweet tea.

It’s all about the food down there, and I didn’t skimp on that. My favorite moment was cooking a pasta dish with scallops, chili pepper and parsley. Absolutely delicious (in my opinion). So now I’m back at home, burned, relaxed, and wondering if I forgot my motivation in the hotel room…

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