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Pixar, King of Stories

One of my earliest memories of good story telling was the Pixar short with the old man playing chess. It was such a simple story, but so playful and enjoyable to watch that it’s stayed with me to this day. YouTube Preview Image

On top of that, there have been countless other short films that they’ve put out that are funny, energetic, and overall a pleasure to watch. And these are just the short films they put on before their main show! (Sad confession: I saw Wall-E four times in theaters.)

I was so pleased to see this article floating around my facebook newsfeed the other day.  Emma Coats, a “Story Artist” working at Pixar, tweeted a number of story writing tips that basically seemed like abbreviated examples of the courses that I have taken at Butler. I still enjoying getting an inside look to the creative process of others, especially those who have proved themselves successful.


2 Responses to Pixar, King of Stories

  1. Arun Kumar R says:

    Yes, undoubtedly Pixar is one of the most engaging short stories that one could enjoy thoroughly.

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