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Butler vs. Marquette

Browsing my facebook at halftime, I can see Butler alumni are following the game from around the world. One is watching in Japan, and another is watching in between flights in Taiwan. That’s how us bulldogs do!

Bad grammar aside, it’s an exciting game, and at halftime we were up eight. I’m not confident to make assumptions, for as any Butler student knows, Butler never wins or loses a game by a wide margin. Especially during tournament time. It may be that their goal is to give everyone watching a heart attack.

Whatever their aim, I have made sure to make the “Smeathers” celebration a part of my routine. Whenever Butler makes a big three, all you have to do is put a goofy grin on your face, clap your hands, and throw up the three fingers. For a better instructional video, see this link.

One Response to Butler vs. Marquette

  1. Canon says:

    Great stuff Andrew, sorry Butler didn’t make it through. Do me a favor and cheer for my Shockers to get to the Final 4.

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