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Valentine’s Day: Bro Edition

Valentine’s Day is the day of couples, right? WRONG. I decided to take this day and give it to the people. The single people. Because we’re all single people, aren’t we? And I don’t think anyone should tell you that being a single person (as opposed to a double person?) is a problem.

This is how you cultivate a truly platonic friendship.

For that reason I got a rose for my good friend Brian. Brian’s my bro. So really, I got him a brose. See what I did there? And then I got him some chocolates and wrote up a little card, cause my momma always taught me to hand-write my cards.

What should we take away from this story. It could be that the little things are what make a friendship last. Or that everyone deserves to feel loved, even if they’re not in a relationship. Or even that I had a test that day, and this was a good way to take my mind off of it so that I wouldn’t over think it and freak myself out.

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