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Sick @ Home Part 1

Lying in my bed completely sick, I wonder what to do. I also wonder: How on earth did I get through an entire semester at Butler without being sick? That’s right, I didn’t fall ill once this fall. I’m not saying that Butler is unsanitary, just that when you bring thousands of students together from around the country, you’re going to be exposed to more varieties of sickness.

So while I lay in bed, guzzling throat lozenges, and hydrate the crap out of myself, I’ll take a moment to reflect on the upcoming semester, my last semester. The semester to end all semesters. It’s going to be busy. I’ve got applications to fill out for my post-grad plans, 17 credit hours finishing up my major, my work in the honors program, and my core classes (bit of advice: don’t leave your science class till the last semester!)

On top of that I have my honors thesis to complete, the ultimate frisbee club team to manage, and my social life to upkeep. Although I could just lock myself in my room or library from now until May, I’d rather get out once in a while in order to, you know, stay in touch with those friends who I will be seeing considerably less after graduation. All in all, I’m excited! Here’s to efficient time management!

Also I really hope all traces of my sickness are gone by the time I get back to school. I don’t want the start of my semester to look like this: YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Hope u feel better!

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