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Resolutions the Right Way

Here’s an example of one of my new year’s resolutions. I’m not buying any fruit snacks for the coming year. That’s it. I’m not even saying that I cannot eat the delicious gummy treats. I am only going to resist the purchase. So let’s see how I got to this point, and why it’s going to be so much more effective than the traditional goals.

1) Name my goal: Putting it in broad terms is the first step. Do you want to lose weight? Live a healthier life style? Start creating that masterpiece you’ve always had in mind? Find that and write it down. For me, I hope to live a healthier life style.

2) Break it down: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nor was any city, large or small. In fact, very few accomplishment worth mentioning came from a day of preparation. If you are going to improve yourself, write down all of the various modes of accomplishing this. To live healthier, I could exercise, eat more of some stuff, eat less of others.

3) Easy attainable goal: I could try and overhaul my entire diet. Or, instead of over reaching, becoming frustrated, and quitting, I could find something manageable to move towards my goal and accomplish that. I chose fruit snacks because I spend a considerable amount on a product that is 80% packaging, 19% sugar, and just a dash of vitamin C.

The most important part of this comes in the continuation of the process throughout the year. Maybe every month I could focus on something new. Don’t stop here. Always be improving. By next new year, your hope should be that you can look back and list all of the improvements that you have brought upon yourself.

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  1. Butler Admission says:

    Love that goal! What if I have some tasty Gushers in my office on sale for $0.01? Would you buy those?

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