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Movie Style Basketball

There’s a point in everyone’s life where they are watching a sports movie, and the clock is running down and they make the final point or goal or basket necessary to win the game. At this point usually you’ll roll your eyes and think, well this is absolutely ridiculous. That would never happen in real life. Right?

That’s what I keep thinking, but the Butler Basketball Program has succeeded three times in proving that this sort of thing isn’t only possible once every fifty years, but three times in the same season.

After watching Butler basketball excel in Hawaii, against IU, and now against Gonzaga, I find myself giddy at the thought of what March may hold. At the same time, I’m nervous. Have we ever gone into a tournament with this much energy, this much momentum? The Butler way seems to be as an underdog. Speaking of which, Trip is soon to replace Blue II. This may just be the end of an era.

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