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January Showers Bring February Icicles

I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. It’s the middle of January, and it’s pouring down rain like it’s monsoon season. All of my traditional winter clothes are proving ineffective. Thick wool doesn’t repel rain, it only soaks it up and becomes heavy and chilled!

Two days ago, I kid you not, I heard thunder. That’s right. We had a mid-winter thunderstorm. The Nile River was forming outside of my house from the torrential downpour. Today is blessedly dry, but other problems have developed. For example, a high of 28 degrees Fahrenheit is forecasted. It is currently…well you take a look.

My roommate’s car was frozen shut this morning!!! What is going on with our weather? Just like January last year, this year we are struck with bouts of incredibly warm weather. I’m never sure when I wake up these days whether to put on shorts, pants, a rain slicker, or scarf and hat. But hey, as the saying goes, if you don’t like Indiana’s weather, wait five minutes.

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