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Unit 2 Reunion

I did not blog my freshman year, but if I had you surely would have heard about Unit 2. This was the unit of residents in Ross Hall that I was placed into. It was an incredible mix of people who meshed well from day one. My best friends at Butler come from this unit, and I stay in contact with almost all of them to this day.

We were basically a group of individuals who were fun-loving, outgoing, and able to get along really well. It even happened the we would adopt residents from the surrounding (obviously less interesting) units. We also had a weird sort of attachment to Chris, our RA. It turned out that he wasn’t a fan of hugs, and that our unit as a whole was a fan of mass, surprise group hugs.

Recently a number of us met and reminisced about shenanigans from freshman year, caught up on each others’ lives to date, and had a generally fun time. It’s nice knowing that, although many of us took different paths through Butler, there’s still that crossroad that we can return to that brought us together for a year. (And if you’re thinking you’re tired of this metaphor, too bad. I’m nostalgic).

Oh dorm life, how I miss you...ish


2 Responses to Unit 2 Reunion

  1. Andrew says:

    Awesome! I was in the double next to the RA. Is it still a substance free unit? I’m not up to date with how the system works now…

  2. Austin says:

    I’m in unit 2! Although my unit is not really close at all, it’s good to hear that at least there are people who are/were!

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