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Archive: October 2012

Countdown: November

This is it. Looking at my calendar and counting on my fingers the end of the semester is drawing near. I’ve got approximately a month before Thanksgiving break. That’s a month to wrap up most of my classes. That’s a month to prepare myself for the calm before the storm. And then the storm.

I can’t quite recall how it all went by so quickly. If I were really twisted, I would dwell on the timeline of how soon this semester will end, and then how quickly the semester after that will have come and gone and then…I find myself standing on the gorge of my life, a drop-off that I cannot see into, filled with questions that probably won’t cushion my fall out of school (i.e. the last 16 years of my life).

All the more reason to appreciate the time that I have here. Yes, I do need to focus on my classes, and yes , I do need to focus on my applications for next year. I don’t, however, want to drown the next few weeks of my life in Irwin Library, no matter HOW nice it is. So I will continue working on new projects (my next one is Sushi-making!) and building friendships and finding those moments to relax.

It really is nice. And welcoming!

Chicken Noodle Soup: EXTREME!!!

In one of my rushes through Aldi, the stored famed for its prices (and not even on the map when it comes to quality) I picked up a can of chicken noodle soup. Not paying attention all that much to the various brands, I got the one that looked the largest and made a dash for the check out.

To my horror, it turned out to be condensed chicken noodle (a qualifier that never bodes for food). Rather than throwing out a meal I thought I’d spice it up a bit. The can itself had plenty of noodles, a good amount of broth, and only a dash of chicken.

What I added:

1 Baked Potato

1 Handful Chopped Carrots

1/2 of a Polska Kielbasa

Dash of Basil Herbs

A few dashes of Chili Powder

What I ended up with was anything but bland or condensed. My meal turned out excellently, leaving me ready to face the afternoon without the fear of becoming drowsy.

Wacky-Music Wednesdays

Follow the path of my fellow Butler Bloggers I bring to you today a post devoted to some new music. And let me tell you, I am more excited for this music than anything else I’ve listened to in a long time.

Ronald Jenkees is one of those musical wonders both for his skill as well as the means of his rise to fame. Getting started on Youtube, his fans fell in love both with his music as well as his quirky personality. The big hits led to some record deals and two albums.

YouTube Preview Image

Unfortunately, he’s one of those artists who put time into the crafting of their works. Meaning it’s been years since we’ve gotten anything from him. Meaning that his third album will assuredly match or exceed what he has produced in the past. Meaning you need to follow him on his website, or search his name on Youtube or iTunes to find what else he is working on.

My Homecoming

“What did I do for Homecoming?” you are probably asking. I imagine at this point people follow my blog as they would a tabloid newspaper or the latest story of the lives of The Jersey Shore. I attribute the lack of fan mail to the fact that I have so well hidden the secret of my residence.

Anyway, back to the question that the people are clamoring for: I was NOT on campus for homecoming. It’s unfortunate (or at least I can know how horrendous it is judging by the reactions I received from my friends when I told them). Priorities came up, and it turned out I’d rather be with my family. My parents picked me up early (not quite as early as the festivities that were started Saturday morning, but early enough) and we drove to Dayton University where my sister is a freshman.

It was their family weekend, and I hadn’t seen her in a while, so I thought it’d be worth it. The next opportunity wouldn’t come until Thanksgiving break. We had beautiful weather perfect for Frisbee throwing and strolls about campus. Note: I didn’t bother trying to convince my family coming out for Butler’s family weekend. We’ve been around the block on my campus. They’ve seen it all. Such is the life of a senior.

A Rainy Day

For those of you without rain, here’s something that might help. Here’s a vlog chronicling my battle with rain and the Honors Program!

YouTube Preview Image

Debate: Dog Fight Edition

The Town Hall style debate held tonight between President Barack Obama and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was filled with fireworks and quick punches that left me breathless and wanting more! It was an exciting show of aggression and forwardness that revealed the wills and intellects of the debaters, as well as their drive to come out on top (much to the dismay of the moderator).

I watched the debate critically, examining what questions were asked and how they were responded two. Obama and Romney both fell victim to relying on rhetoric to make their point without making definite claims or getting into the details of their supposed solution. Obama fell to this on weapon control, mentioning how he wants to change the direction of the “conversation,” but forgetting to explain how. Romney fell into this trope when he was asked how he would rectify the inequality for women in the workplace.

How I looked for most of the debate

Obama’s shining moment for me came in the beginning when he argued how he would fix the economy. He gave 5 points of attack: the tax code, reducing the deficit, cutting back on defense spending, energy development, and education. Romney relied heavily on his time in the private sector but did not give specifics. Romney hit a high point when asked how he would be different from President George W. Bush. He claimed he would focus on domestic energy, free trade, small business, and a balanced budget, ensuring voters that as president we would not be returned to the Bush era.

I’ll admit that it’s difficult as a student to find time to educate myself on the specifics of their plans, what’s proven to work, which side has the right idea. Both sides have networks of researchers that can create studies arguing any point under the sun. While I know that debates are not the ideal place to formulate political opinions (due to the theatrical nature of the event) it at least gives me a chance to see where the candidates hold their strengths, and where they falter or turn the question.


Butler’s Price is Right

It was a whirlwind of a day. I had planned on going for a run, eating a quiet dinner, and then doing some homework before going to bed. All of that changed when a friend of mine offered me tickets to “The Price is Right Live” which was being hosted at Clowes Hall.

YouTube Preview Image

So I wolfed down a quick dinner, and got in line an hour and a half early with my friends in order to register our seats for the possibility of being selected to go down and have our chance at winning. Unfortunately, I was never selected to go down. It turns out that three, count ‘em THREE other Andrew’s were called down. Each time I felt like I had choked on my own stomach.

It was a generally quiet game until one Butler student won a trip to Las Vegas! The crowd went wild, she went wild, but I’m still a bit skeptical. How can a trip of that magintude only cost around $1200? Perhaps the flight wasn’t included, or perhaps it’s more of a hostel than a hotel that she’s staying at. In either case, I was jealous along with the rest of the crowd.

A Quiet Campus

This is perhaps the only Fall Break that I have remained on campus during my four years at Butler. In the past, even the thought of remaining here would have seemed ludicrous. I could be going home! I could get some home cooked food. Or any food for that matter (the cafeterias on campus were not open with the same quantity of hours as normal school days).

Yet I have found that the majority of this break has not been what I expected. I imagined that it would be deserted. Which it is. But I have a number of senior friends who are still on campus. In my circle of friends, campus isn’t that much altered. Maybe all the seniors are dreading the end of their days here, are determined to squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of campus before it’s gone (some other bloggers agree!).

One advantage of a depleted campus is the HRC. Normally the weight lifting area is overloaded with the usual suspects of the grotesquely muscled. For a few blessed days it is not. I have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn about what happens in the depths of the gym. See below to see my progress and rate how well you think I did.


Resume the Resume’ Critique

I’m sitting on the top floor of Atherton as students are having resumes critiqued by professional employers. It’s part of a series of meetings that will continuously occur throughout the semester in which professional advice is given to students who are worrying about their future–be it procrastinating seniors such as myself or up-an’-attem freshmen.

A few weeks ago I attended a session on the basics of writing a resume. Now we are able to get direct feedback from people who are trained at spotting a good resume when they see one. We got the tips, and now we get to see someone’s immediate reaction to them. There’s no worrying about whether the resume I’ve thrown together is going to further my cause or set me back in my job search.

In the weeks to come I’m may be seen at similar sessions discussing the basics of interview questions, as well as putting these into practice with mock interviews. I’m certainly proud of myself for getting this stuff together. It’s one thing to set aside time to work on a resume, but it’s another to utilize the incredible resource that is Butler University in preparing me for the job search.

Sent Me Though a Loop

Must-see-movie of October 2012? Are you looking for a movie that will wake you up out of the hum-drum of your life, make you reflect on the power of memory, the human spirit, and love? Well then Looper is the movie that you should frequent. YouTube Preview Image

This science-fiction film does everything in its power to break out of the stereotypes of science-fiction. Set in a dystopic future, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, a drug-addicted assassin who kills…you probably didn’t guess it…men from the future. Thirty years into the future, time-travel has been invented, and crime bosses have decided to use this highly illegal technology to dispose of bodies.

Not interested yet? Bruce Willis (that’ll do it) plays Old Joe, who is sent back in time to be killed by Young Joe. Still follow me? He escapes, and Joe must kill Old Joe or else he’ll be ousted by his own boss. Old Joe can defend himself against Young Joe, but can’t kill him because doing so would be terminating himself. Using the power of a changing memory, Old Joe must protect himself and avoid being killed by himself all while trying to save the future from–

Well, I don’t want to give too much away. Hopefully this has gotten you interested enough to go out to your local theater and support a movie that is both literary and action-packed in all of its plot-twists. It’s one of the more intelligent and engaging movies I’ve seen in theaters for some time. So..what are you doing? Get out, go! Watch it!!!

[And here’s an interview with the director. Enjoy!]