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I get frustrated in talking to adamant Republicans and Democrats in the same way that I cannot stand a conversation with Marvel and DC comic enthusiasts. Each is set in their ways that they won’t even listen to the other point of view. But I’m telling you! Batman is great! No really, just listen-

In any case, what the comic lovers can agree is that comics are great. What the politicians will agree on is that they love America. And you should too. But loving America has a lot less to do with voicing an opinion as it does with thinking critically about the issues and candidates and voting.

For those who are put on edge by political talk, here's something to lighten the mood. He's so adorable!

So I offer you here some options. If you didn’t even know there were conventions going on this past week here are their websites: Republican and Democrat. Study up! There’s a wealth of resources out there. If you happen to be an Indiana resident, here’s a resource on registering to vote. Then you can go home to your parents and brag about how you are all ready to vote, which will probably put you in the minority. So feel special. You love America.

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  1. Kristen Raves says:

    Great info…and I couldn’t agree more!

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