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Archive: September 2012

Old Style, Young Body

I went to bed Sunday night at 11 PM. I awoke to my screaming alarm at 6 AM. I was shocked by the interruption to my previously unruffled sleep. Were we being bombed? Was there a fire? No. Yoga was happening.

That’s right. I recalled the insane idea that had gripped me the previous night to attend the HRC’s group fitness session of yoga. Bright and early: 6:30 AM. Now that I think about it, the phrase “bright and early” really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It wasn’t bright at all! In fact it was dark, so I was left to biking the distance hoping that there wasn’t some stick lying on the sidewalk waiting to trip up my bike and my youthful dreams of flexibility.

It turned out to be a fantastic experience (against the expectations of college students waking up everywhere). The stretches and exercises that ranged from easy-peesy to agonizing woke up my body, mind, and spirit. I got back, had a great breakfast, and was ready to start my day by 8 AM. The time I usually am waking up.

Biked to the HRC in the dark, returned to this


I get frustrated in talking to adamant Republicans and Democrats in the same way that I cannot stand a conversation with Marvel and DC comic enthusiasts. Each is set in their ways that they won’t even listen to the other point of view. But I’m telling you! Batman is great! No really, just listen-

In any case, what the comic lovers can agree is that comics are great. What the politicians will agree on is that they love America. And you should too. But loving America has a lot less to do with voicing an opinion as it does with thinking critically about the issues and candidates and voting.

For those who are put on edge by political talk, here's something to lighten the mood. He's so adorable!

So I offer you here some options. If you didn’t even know there were conventions going on this past week here are their websites: Republican and Democrat. Study up! There’s a wealth of resources out there. If you happen to be an Indiana resident, here’s a resource on registering to vote. Then you can go home to your parents and brag about how you are all ready to vote, which will probably put you in the minority. So feel special. You love America.


When it came time for block party, the annual congregation of the student body to sign up for clubs and extracurricular activities, I came to a huge realization. I don’t have anything I need to sign up for. I have my whole senior year planned out.

And that didn’t feel right to me. Granted, I’m happy that I find myself in a number of stable positions in clubs that I have devoted a year or more of my time to, but there seemed something stagnant about this statement.

So I found one thing that I know nothing about and went with it: Sangam! This is the “Indian club” on campus. Not limited to those of Indian descent, it is an opportunity to learn more about a culture that I know very little about (besides my brief encounters through “Slumdog Millionaire” and Panjabi MC) and to connect with some of my good friends both of Indian descent and who are involved in the club. Not to mention we can jam out to some awesome songs like “Jai Ho.”

YouTube Preview Image

Help Those Kids (And Stuff)

Imagine: kids say the darndest things meets musical Jerry Seinfeld. When I came home for Labor Day weekend, I was greeted by the newest movement of musical comedy that my siblings have encountered. All of this centers around the resurgence of “Flight of the Conchords,” a musical group turned TV show stars that was the focus of my freshman year at Butler.

YouTube Preview Image

The interactions of the band manager and band are very indicative of what the TV show was like. I’ve enjoyed seeing all of these actors go on to bigger projects. Murray was featured in “Yes Man,” Jermaine starred in “Dinner for Schmucks” and Bret wrote the score for “The Muppets.”

This great cause was bolstered by a number of fantastic singers, who we got images of laughing at the ridiculous, child-generated lyrics as well as them singing or rapping said lyrics in a completely serious state. If you have the ability to feel inside (and stuff like that), I encourage you to donate. At the very least enjoy the video and recommend it to your friends.