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Archive: August 2012

S’more please!

College life: the ultimate balancing trick. Everyone feels like they’re on top of the world: they’re free of parents and the obligations of the working world. So much free time and so much to do! And then classes start, and clubs start having meetings, and suddenly you’re scrambling for a bit of free time.

That’s when the social opportunities offered by Greek life become a nice relief. Alpha Chi Omega, a resident sorority, hosted s’mores on their front lawn. A buck for two, it was a really nice opportunity to get out into the nice summer evening and chat.

Not to mention the s’mores were delicious. I opted for a double-mallow Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup s’more. It was divine. So I spent the evening relaxing, chatting with friends, and eventually going home to realize that I smelled quite a bit of camp-fire smoke.

Me Time

Yesterday, after a full day of working in the library (as you may have read about) and class that only allowed me to return home around 6 PM, I had some options: either I could throw something cheap into the microwave and lie down for the rest of the evening-thus succumbing to my exhaustion-or I could do something totally rad.

I opted for the latter.

It just makes me hungry thinking about it...

I immediately set about cooking some rice, throwing frozen Edamame into a pot, and chopping up various vegetables and chicken. What I ended up with was a feast: fried rice with chicken, carrots, bell pepper, corn, and chicken served next to Edamame and a glass of iced green tea. Needless to say, I’ll be having plenty of leftovers for a while.

It also represents a struggle of most students: when should you take time to relax? If one takes their studies seriously, there would easily be enough work to consumer the hours between rising and going to sleep. In this case, I felt my day had been relatively accomplished so I didn’t feel bad throwing 2 hours into the preparation, consumption, and cleaning of the meal.

Studying at the Libery

School’s back in session. And what a wonderful time of the year it is! The mall is teeming with students either mid-study break or mid-study avoidance. Professors are in their rooms at 8 AM trying to wake up the groggy, unmotivated few who still feel cheated by the time of the class. And of course the library is overrun with those students who are already realizing how far behind they are.

I am among the latter group. Sure school’s only been in session for a week, but it’s much easier than it sounds. Luckily, I only have large amounts of reading to do, and there are plenty of quiet spaces all around campus that encourage focused study. If only there weren’t the fountain running, I wouldn’t have to take so many bathroom breaks…

In any case, I’ve discovered a number of ways to have fun in the library. Go swimming in the fountain and act confused that no one else is wearing their swim suits. Bring a blanket and pillow to the couches on the second floor, and ask people studying nearby if they could turn off the lights. Finally, find someone tucked away in a corner studying alone, scream out “FOUND YOU!” and then tell them it’s your turn to hide and run away.

Gettin’ Jazzed Up

When my girlfriend came in from out of town, I knew that something special had to be done. We put our heads together and came up with a few passions that we share: pancakes, jazz, and traveling the world. Since we had already eaten pancakes, and traveling didn’t make sense during her visit to Indy, we settled on jazz.

On a Saturday evening we went online to make reservations at The Jazz Kitchen. The system was incredibly easy, and one of the first online reservations I’ve ever made. Impressive. We saw that the group Jared Thompson and Premium Blend, a fantastic group that played a few tunes I was familiar with and opened my ears to a number of new songs.

Then we ordered food. My goodness. We got the house specialty, a giant pan of Spanish paella. This was a real surf and turf, teaming with chicken, calamari, clams, sausage, and so much more. It felt like I was eating an ecosystem. A delicious, rice-y ecosystem.

The night was relaxing, the music was exciting and beautiful, and the food left us gasping for breath. In a good way. I give this restaurant seven trombones.

The Jazz Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Note: must be 21 years to enter. Also there’s a cover charge. That’s where they get ya’.

Campus Improvements

Here’s an inside look into the new Atherton Union. It’s a fantastic setup with lots of space, clean and sleek design, and plenty of delicious food to boot.

The workers strive to keep the space clean and orderly. The manager of the union can be found wandering around, greeting students and overseeing the grand opening of Atherton to the students.

There’s a fireplace! Although not very useful during the summer months, this could very well turn into a new hang out spot for students looking for a warm place to relax, do work, or socialize after dinner.

Other places on campus where work is being done: the new performance hall! Although I’m unsure of when it will be open for the public or for use by other students, it will be a great addition for theater majors, as well as another venue for performers.

Finally, other areas are being fixed up, minor maintenance on Jordan hall that will keep all of these wonderful, aged buildings in tip-top shape.

Foodcourt Makeover

After years of an Atherton Union that never quite met the expectations of the students using it, finally the plans to improve it have been put into place. And my what a change it has turned out to be.

With this aesthetic makeover, the workers seem happier, the students seem more open to the dining hall and the food seems to taste better. This is all part of a big push by President Danko to improve the eating situation on campus. It already seems to be working.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to eat here for very long. Only my status as an SOG has enabled me to eat here for Welcome Week. After this, I’ll go back to my own cooking off campus *sigh.* But at least I’ve been able to have some fun with it. The first time I walked in I walked up to the counter where they swipe student ID’s and I apologized for not making a reservation, and put down my name for a party of five. The workers seemed good-natured over my tom-foolery.

See more improvements here.

Ask Me About Welcome Week

So what is welcome week? I picked up on this great video from the people who are taking care of this huge task, one that always turns out to be a great experience for the first years that its geared towards as well as the people who are organizing it.

YouTube Preview Image

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Welcome First Years!

Today’s post comes to you at the initiation of the most hyped moment of the Butler year: Welcome Week!

Put your hands up if you're excited!

Possibly the most exciting, energy-packed week, Welcome Week takes huge amounts of planning and preparation. Most of this is carried out by the incredible staff at the PuLSE Office, including Caroline Huck-Watson and Rob Miller.

Those guys! Caroline and Rob, aren't they great!

The other part of the equation comes from the scores of student volunteers who take it upon themselves to be the face of Butler that welcomes the new freshmen. SOGs (Student Orientation Guides) are perhaps the most outgoing students on campus. We’re in love with this university and not afraid to show it!

We're also goofy

One Week Till School

Top 10 ways to spend your last days of freedom:

10) Shopping: Finagle your parents into shopping with you, subtly dropping hints about how you’ll be all on your own for a couple months.

9) Enjoy the Weather: With a recent bout of rainstorms, I find I best appreciate the lightning while sitting under a tree or next to a light pole. But do whatever works for you. (Appreciate at your own risk).

8) Hometown Friends: Hang out with those people who you no longer have to prove anything to. So what if you do weird voices, awkward dances, or make the same jokes that have annoyed them for years. As soon as you get to campus, those jokes will be pristine.

7) Laze about: [Author felt too lazy to elaborate]

6) Read: Dig into that stack of books that have been recommended for months now. That way, when you enter classes with half of the Hunger Games read, you’ll be so conflicted over whether you should do work or read that neither will get done. The Campaign comes highly recommended.

Top 5 Continued Here

One Week Till School Pt. 2

5) Movies: Be that hip, gnat of a personality that always asks people if they’ve seen the latest blockbusters–be sure to finish off with the flippant “Oh, it’s pretty good. You should check it out.”

4) Shark Week: Miss the olympics? Here’s another way to blow your time in front of a tv!

3) For those in relationships: Appreciate the time you have together!

2) For those single ladies (and gents): revel in your freedom! (Because this is a feel-good blog post, and I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re missing out.)

1)Run a 5k whilst undergoing intestinal distress: Ok, this may come more from personal experience. And this really shouldn’t be advised. Maybe I have the numbers backwards…

Oh wait, here’s the real number one.

#1) Political Debates: ‘Tis the season to get into arguments with friends, family, and strangers trying to escape your biting debate points over the various candidates views of the economic situation, Healthcare reform, and tax policy. Just remember, to end any such argument in a friendly manner, reaffirm that the whole system is broke, and that things were better back in the day. You, before all those immigrants came across the pond (1492 I believe), when it was just the lands, the tribes, and a noticeable absence of Super PACs.