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Lazy Monday

My Monday started with procrastination. That good ol’ snooze button. I had gone to bed with high hopes and a goal of 6:30 AM. Unfortunately, I snoozed till 7. Then reset it for 8, at which point I turned off the alarm entirely. I woke up at 11. I skyped with my girlfriend for a bit while still in bed. The thought of moving myself was too much to handle.

Then I…well I couldn’t really tell you what I did. I have vague recollections of reading a bit of Paradise Lost, lounging, writing, sprawling, watching online TV…you get the idea. It was reminiscent of Adam Samberg’s “Lazy Sunday,” but later in the week. I should have been partaking in the world of productivity, that great economic wheel that aids the hard workers and spurns the wasteful. I selected the third option: non-participation.

I could claim it as a struggle against the system, that churning system of money that turns people into expendable parts, discard-able orange peals as Willy Loman described his sorry situation. But no. It was just a bit of laziness. I’m not an adult. I can pretend, but I really don’t have those responsibilities yet and I might as well enjoy it every once in a while.

And then you find a brilliant man that voices everything you are thinking:

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