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Cars Cars CARS!!!

Cars are everywhere. Hoo-wee. LA traffic gives you an appreciation for…any other type of traffic in the world, I suppose. To give you an idea of what some Californians will endure, my uncle commits himself to an hour of driving in the morning and two hours on the way back to work. Every day. Every. Day.

Not just that, but when surrounded by cars and traffic, they begin to inhabit a huge portion of one’s thoughts. SNL has never said it better than through this video. (Note: this video is funny, until you get to LA. Then you see it’s true. Then it’s hilarious.) YouTube Preview Image

And finally a word on sleek cars. Wicked ill cars. Sick nasty cars. (These expressions are positive, believe it or not). Maseratis and Lamborghinis and Aston Martins are commonplace. Everyone’s always trying to outshine the others. The newest fad I noticed was the matte black finishes on sports cars that eliminated the sleek shine and left every car reminiscent of the bat mobile (Christopher Nolan style).

2 Responses to Cars Cars CARS!!!

  1. Sarah Brown says:

    I am experiencing the traffic of LA daily so for me this is a hilarious as well as a true video. It is horrible situation in LA with so many cars on the road…anyways nice share!

  2. Kristen Raves says:

    Great video. Love Kristen Wiig.

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