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Summer Equinox

As I sit in one of Butler’s many soft spaces around campus, contemplating how wonderful it is to have super-duper fast internet that doesn’t randomly cut out (as it does in my house), I notice how at 8:21 PM, the sun is still far from setting. Then I remember. It’s the summer solstice. The longest day of the year.

And what a day it has been! I spent the day with my kids from the Creative Writing Summer Camp where I’ve been working for that past week. This is another great example of how connections made in the university lead to extracurricular means of practicing what you love and even testing the waters outside your comfort zone (in this case, I find that working with 5th and 6th graders is a frickin’ blast! Especially when the day is spent delving into imagination and instilling youth with the desire to create stellar stories).

But that isn’t the only great thing about this day. It is also the birthday of my brother. Seeing as how he isn’t in the country, I figure that the most efficient way to bid him a happy birthday comes through a blog post broadcasted on the internet. If you would all kindly join me in bidding my brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! TANTI AUGURI! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! 生日快乐!!!

Brotherly Love: 2011 Edition

2 Responses to Summer Equinox

  1. Kristen Raves says:

    Adorable picture of you and your brother. I love that he left you a comment too:)

  2. Anthony Erlandson says:

    Ah… A beautiful post, but even more beautiful picture. What amazing memories. :)

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