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Summer Delights

I’ve talked about the hardships of summer, but why don’t I take a moment to explore the fantastic moments of summer? Without hesitation I’ll take us into the realm of cool snacks. From there I’ll go into iced goods. And finally, we’ll arrive at the Smoothie. Of the fruit variety.

After hours upon hours of making smoothies at the Zia Juice Bar, an on-campus job that has done wonders for both my resume, work experience and appreciation for blended iced drinks, I have internalized the secrets of smoothie creation. Now, upon occasion I will whip one up and enjoy it through every spoonful. Here’s a rough guideline of what I did to make the one pictured above.


1 Banana (peeled)

1 Orange (peeled)

3/4 Cup Milk

6 oz. Yogurt (I chose Strawberry Banana flavor. Go with what you’re feeling)

Ice (Per your discretion. If you like juicy smoothies, add less. If you like chunkier smoothies, add more. Add a small amount, test, and repeat until you find the right consistency)

Throw all of this together, blend it, and then enjoy it like so:


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