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The Beach

Spring arrives, and I did everything I could to live it up. As I already mentioned, when I visited Rome, I spent a day with my friends at Ostia, a beach city an hour outside of Rome.

Bellissima!! In typical American fashion, we threw around a frisbee on the beach, which is always my favorite because it doesn’t take a second thought to dive for a sick catch. Sand doesn’t hurt (it just gets everywhere).

Then we settled into some more clichéd activities, such as collecting shells, soaking up the sun, and taking photos of the local graffiti. Okay, so maybe they weren’t all cliché. But I think I can speak for all of Italy when I say that I am breathing a sigh of relief at the departure of winter and the coming of cool breezes, blossoming flowers, and inevitably short-wearing weather.

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  2. Butler Admission says:

    Such a beautiful view. I hope you’re enjoying your time in Italy and soaking up every moment.

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