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Rome: Travel Woes

You learn from your mistakes right? Well, a few of my friends learned quite a bit from a weekend in Rome. I can walk you through some of the snafus (and who doesn’t love that word?).

Traveling by Coach...Always Preferable

1) We arrived in Rome, and I stayed with a family in the city. They rented a bungalow on the beach about an hour away. They got lost on the way there, taking the wrong bus and advice from a crazy-eyed man that landed them in an unlit park. On the bright side, they found a lemon.

2) When I visited them at the beach, we wanted to take a bus to a grocery store, but after two hours of waiting, we took the first bus we saw back to the bungalow. Two seconds after we left, we saw the bus we had been waiting for pull into the parking lot.

3) These mistakes and others culminated in the final train back to Perugia being missed, which lead my three friend to spend a few hours chilling by the Roman Forum and Coliseum as they waited for the next train.

Tip: with a good attitude, any trip riddled with mistakes becomes an adventure.

One Response to Rome: Travel Woes

  1. Butler Admission says:

    Great advice. It also sounded like it was a great way to get lost.

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