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I Hate Mondays…

To make your Monday a bit better, I have a joke for you:

It’s said that in heaven the lovers will be French, the cooks will be Italian, the mechanics will be Germans, the police will be the British, and all of this will be organized by the Swiss.

The normal reaction to my jokes: "Really?"

It’s also said that in hell the lovers will be Germans, the cooks will be English, the mechanics will be French, the police will be Swiss, and all of this will be organized by the Italians.

I’m a fan, but there’s more to the joke than just a few prods at various European countries. As I’ve mentioned before, I very much enjoy experiencing people from various countries, because in some ways they’ll surprise you, in other ways they’ll fit the stereotypes so perfectly it’s a…well, a joke, I suppose.

It’s just another reminder that inevitably you will carry with you preconceived notions about certain ethnicities or countries, but that when it comes down to the individuals you meet, you have to meet them as they are, not as you would expect them to be.

So, I’ll leave you with another joke, this one thought up by my friends:

After we graduate we want to come to Italy to work.

[…<–Click Here!!]

…BAHHH!!! The joke here being that Italians don’t really work. Or if they do, they hide it well from the public eye. The normal work day starts between 9 and 11, has a pause between 1 and 4, restart between 4 and 5, and ends at 8. As a consumer of Italian goods, these vacillating times can become quite a hassle.

The world is full of jokes. You just have to know where to look



2 Responses to I Hate Mondays…

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  2. Butler Admission says:

    I’m German so this had me cracking up.

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