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Movie Review: The Descendents

Since the advent of Hulu, Netflix, and a virtual flood of movie streaming sites (whether legitimate or otherwise), the number of people attending movies has declined. In an attempt to salvage the Hollywood industry single-handedly, I’ve gone to two movies since my break began. The following posts will chronicle these events.

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The Descendants

This movie follows the wealthy King family in Hawaii as they struggle with the mother’s lapse into a coma after a boating accident. The scenic Pacific coast shots and ukulele driven soundtrack clash sharply with the grief that hits the Kings like a tsunami. But don’t get the idea that this movie is exclusively morbid: the arc of the plot reveals a family—once drifting apart—reunited under the duress of a hospitalized mother, despite arguments or unearthed secrets.

The movie did a number of things exquisitely. Every dramatic movie needs a comic relief, and this character (coincidentally my favorite) was Sid: an odd cross between Jack Black and David Hasselhoff who never seemed to pick up on social cues. George Clooney’s depiction of a middle aged man (salads for lunch, morning runs, constantly checking a blackberry) were so dead-on that I teased my Dad about it. And it wasn’t that weird going with my parents. Heck, there weren’t many people there anyway, so no one judged me…wait, I get what they mean about declining attendance!

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  1. Social Media says:

    “In an attempt to salvage the Hollywood industry single-handedly, I’ve gone to two movies since my break began”

    would it not benefit you to invite other students as well ?

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