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Archive: November 2011

Parental Advisory (No Worries, It’s Positive!)

Try not to be intimidated.

Frisbee: the name of the sport I play and the dog I adore. When I’m away at college, I forget about my poor little Pomeranian (he tries to be manly, but a puff-ball can only do so much). When I returned home for fall break, he was one of those little pieces that I realized I missed despite not thinking about him for the past two months.

That’s what college does: the ordinary and routine of home life suddenly deepens. It turns out—and let this secret slip—that our parents and loved ones do a lot for us. It’s not until you’re away from it for a while does the appreciation grow.

So, this goes out to all of the mothers and fathers out there who do so much for their children. I want to send them a message of hope: they will be grateful. But probably not until they leave. And for those of you planning your collegiate exodus from home: consider what you have now. The few seconds it takes may make you a happier part of your family.

Going for a Joy Read

One of the saddest parts about coming to college for me as an English Major and avid reader is that my free time is SEVERELY limited. That means things I did in summer free time have to be cut. This includes jumping through sprinklers, rolling down hills, and most unfortunate of all, reading for fun.

This week I decided, why the heck shouldn’t I? If I squeeze in just a few pages a day, I can still do what I love. So I traipsed over to the library, picked up a copy of Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried” and got to it.

This is a novel that I’ve been wanting to read for a while, and it’s so great to set some time, however small, to spending time on the things I love. Cause if you aren’t doing that, then what are you doing with your time at college?

My leaning pile of books to read...NOW!

Studious Solidarity

It’s a fact, that when it comes to crunch time, studying alone is like eating a cake alone: it’s less a party, more a depressing affair. To avoid this, I often find a group of people to study with. Here are some tips on how we make it through the late nights:

1) Frequent bathroom breaks
2) Joke about how much work you have while browsing youtube videos unproductively
3) Take water breaks (leads to #1)
4) Brag about how much work you have left (oh you’re going till one? It’s looking like an all-nighter for me.)
5) Snack on some pretzels/energy food (leads to #3)
6) People-watch (the extremely studious are nocturnal. See a side of campus you’ve never imagined.)
7) Complain about how much work you have
8) Take a trip to Starbucks on campus
9) Stretch. Ya gotta stay limber.
10) Rejoice when you get to say “g’night” to your friends who still have piles of work threatening to fall and crush them.

A Great Group Study Space

Cough. Cough.

I certainly didn’t see it coming. Who does? I’m walking around with the zest of life sending a hop through my step, and then next thing I know I’m in bed for days at a time, going through Kleenex like its my job and downing bottles of NyQuil.

Never imagined my life depending so much on these little white squares.

A bug is tearing its way through campus, but thank goodness there are measures to protect against it. The Health Clinic in the HRC is a great stop for students with illnesses, a place that many people use throughout the flu season.

They also take up preventative measures on campus, offering flu shots earlier in the semester, a service that I definitely plan on taking up in the future. Who wants to be this behind in class anyway?