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Archive: November 2011

Gobble-Turkey noise or human mouth?

One of life’s great questions. This Thanksgiving break (a whopping 9 days that seems to have sped by faster than I can account for) I did some major R&R-ing. I’ve done homework all break, and  there’s still plenty to do, of course, but the majority of my break has been as peaceful as one could hope for.

Not only that, but I’ve grown quite a bit these last couple days. Thursday morning I joined my father and sister for the Galloping Gobbler, a 4 mile run near my hometown. I’ve never run 4 miles before in my life! It’s a great strategy for preparing for that Thanksgiving feast as well.

My new lucky number! And check it, top 500!!! (No need to start out with high expectations, right?)

On top of that, I tried a grapefruit for the first time, and loved it! I’ve always been disgusted by the juice, and assumed the fruit itself was only worse. But I’m getting to that age where my hold on childhood picky-ness is slipping. It made sense at one time, but I’m moving beyond that. What a great break indeed!


For more info on the brilliant Richard Rodriguez, visit this site.

Here’s the memoir of his that I read. Comes highly recommended!

Tech Fast

So what would we do without technology? I don’t think myself, or anyone else growing up in the developed world would have a clue. Father Jeff, the head of the Butler Catholic Community, created an initiative to give up all forms of technology for a 24 hour period (academic work excepted) before break.

It was an arduous struggle, consisting in long periods of free time that before had not existed, and an overwhelming desire to update my facebook status every three minutes (OMG my toast just popped…lol). But I made it through with only a few snafus. At the end of the day, we all met up for dinner #delicious #thoughtprovoking.

Post 24-Hour Revelry

To complete the evening, we watched two videos that got us to think about where technology is going, and what it may be keeping us from experiencing. The point of this was not to prove technology an evil force (Amish boot camp isn’t my thing), but to help us think about how we use it. Left unnoticed, it can wreak some serious damage.

Inauguration, Danko Style

Prior to break, our new president was inaugurated at Butler University. President Danko accepted the position gracefully, listening attentively while a number of honorary and symbolic gifts were presented to him from student government officers, professors and provosts alike.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the ceremony, and was supplied with a cap and gown, thanks to the efforts our SGA president. Myself and several other students representing Butler’s various clubs and student organizations processed in with the faculty and staff.

The buildings where greatness happens.

I felt regal, but I also felt a sense of pride and optimism in Butler’s future. Much was talked about the future of higher education, how it is bound to change through the next several decades, but I don’t doubt for a second that Butler will keep up or outpace these changes through its energized student body and top-notch professors.

The First Flurries

That’s right, with the first flurries of the season last night, it seems time to bid farewell to fall. Forget the free-floating leaves and the frolicking breezes. Winter is fast upon us, and its fairly impossible to ignore the sub freezing temperatures this morning.

To commemorate the passing of this great season, I thought I would show you a video that I put together with a group in my Intro to Digital Media Productions class. We handled  expensive equipment that we hardly knew how to operate to put this together, so I hope you appreciate it (learn by doing is what I say).

The next thing on my to-do list is get winter hats, gloves, socks (I can’t believe I left my wool socks at home! O the agony!) Perhaps I could make a trip to the Butler Bookstore. With my limited storage space in my room, one can only bring so much from home, and I put off  bringing back most of my cold weather gear. Let’s hope I can make it through the weeks before Thanksgiving on sweatshirts…

News Abroad

As various deadlines for semester in the Spring abroad approach and I scramble to stay ahead of the game, I am overwhelmed with excitement about the opportunity that awaits me.

This packet: All that stands between me and Italia

However, I can’t help but worry about the country that I hope to visit, study, and travel in as they experience many of the same burdens that other countries in the EU worry about. In fact, such problems in their market have lead to their prime minister, Berlusconi, to step down.

This means that I will be entering a country amidst an upheaval, a change in its government. Will this affect me? Or the University that I will be attending? Possibly. I can only stay informed and hope that nothing drastic happens.

My Man Blue II

It’s fantastic to see the living legend walking around campus. He’s such a symbol to all of the students around campus that we love seeing him follow his owner around campus. I often wonder what he thinks about, and I’m assuming it’s more or less always about his favorite place on earth.

How can you say no to that face?

When I work at the Zia Juice Bar, I often see him coming in and our of the HRC (where his owner works). It boosts our spirits, seeing the same dog that attends our basketball games and as ritual is petted by every basketball player who runs onto the court.

Blue II, besides being adorable, is just another example of how united this campus feels. Students aren’t separated from the symbols of our university’s success, we’re integrated with it.The best part? You can follow him on twitter.

Opera, It’s Still Around

The second night of theater contained a double header: “A Hand of Bridge” and “Gianni Schicchi.” The first opera was ten minutes, a succinct yet fascinating look at a pair of couples playing bridge. “Gianni Schicchi” focused on a family after a death, riddle with greed, plotting, and quite a few funny moments.

The family searches for the Will. Such greed.

“What’s it matter?” you may be asking. Why should a college age student be concerned with this kind of stuff? I’ll give you a few reasons that I’ve gathered from the past two evenings.

These events are entertaining. They are intellectually stimulating (a bit more substance to them than the Fast and Furious franchise, for instance). They take me out of my comfort zone, and force me to experience something that is appreciated and worked on dilligently by others. If this isn’t growth on the Liberal Arts level, I don’t know what is.

Theatre, it’s still around!

Over the past two nights, I have gotten more culture than I ever could have expected.

Day 1: I attended the production of “The Priest and the Prostitute,” a show that is thousands of years old and originated from India. Adopted from its original Sanskrit, the play is comprehensible for us English speakers. I have never been to a theater show before at Butler, but this was totally bizarre in the same moment that it was entertaining.

Ain't gettin' any weirder!

I was intellectually stimulated by the show, challenged to understand what the exotic costumes meant, while focusing on the simplistic yet intriguing story presented by the oppositional characters (said priest and prostitute) who undergo a “Freaky Friday” situation.

To be continued HERE.

Laban (Definition Please?)

For the first time in my life I entered Butler’s dance studio and took part in Laban, a modern dance movement created by Rudolf Laban in the 20th century. It’s goal is to create a community of movement, something radically missing from our society, he claims.

Once the class got past the giggles of feeling ridiculous, we experienced something extraordinary: a cohesive system of movements that brought us together. It wasn’t anything like dancing at a party. It was…more. I was thrilled to see this side of the dance department that I had before been isolated from.

Lauren: so cold but so talented!

Here’s what Lauren, a Dance major, has to say about Butler’s dance department: “It is so diverse in what they are teaching us. We are doing everything including classical ballet, modern, jazz, different types of character; slavic and spanish, and we also learn how to write music for dance and how to denote different types of movement and analyze it.”