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Archive: September 2011

Where’d the Double Dream Hands Go?

School is about a month in, and for myself and nearly everybody I know, it hit us this past week like a brick wall. One we should’ve seen coming, but which threw us to the ground anyway. Classes finally hit their stride, free time is dwindling, and focus is now necessary to get through the hours of homework.

To illustrate. The year started off with a care-free attitude, much like the attitude of The Double Dream Hands guy. He’s out there, getting “jiggy” with it (as the young kids today would say). I was an SOG for welcome week, and loved every minute of it. Attitudes were positive, spirit was great, and the whole year stretched before us with optimism.

All of the Student Orientation Guides (SOG)

Now it’s time for business. We have our goals for the semester lined out before us. Our class objectives are clear; it’s only a matter of accomplishing them. Now that I’ve realized it, I’m calm. But I’ll admit that when I first hit the wall o’ work, my face probably gave away that I was a little shocked.

Work: Goes Down Smooth

Smoothies! Fruit blends and health supplements and–goodness me!–wheat grass shots! What could be more college or hip than these? Well I’ll tell you. Nothing. If you’re ever on campus, be sure to make your way over to the Zia Juice Bar in the HRC.

As inviting as it is delicious. Yum.

This is a great example of a campus job that students can hold part-time. I work two shifts every week, bringing in around 9 hours, excepting the occasions in which I need to cover another workers shift or have one of my own covered.

It is a truly beneficial job, both for myself who on the downtimes gets a chance to work on homework, as well as for those who have finished working out and need that protein boost to get them through their day, or a healthy choice over the fast food alternatives. And if anyone’s wondering why there are better alternatives than fast food, I highly recommend this informative documentary.

Study Central

For a campus with a relatively small number of students, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a good study space away from one’s room. We can chalk this up to Butler’s studious and dedicated body of burgeoning scholars. For those of you wondering why I needed to study away from my room, it’s because there’s absolutely nothing worse than studying feet away from a bed. I have learned this through many a study-time turned nap-time.

Look! Over yonder! The Butler Observatory.

Over the summer I happened upon a wonderful study room in the recently renovated Pharmacy Building that was both well equipped and had a fantastic view, a prime panorama of the Butler Observatory. Getting here early in the morning was a struggle, but once I was up, this room helped me focus more than any amount of caffeine could.

The comfiest chairs you'll ever sit in. I guarantee it.




The reason I was on campus over the summer was for BSI, or the Butler Summer Institute. This is a chance for the scholarly and self-driven students of Butler’s campus to engage in research over the summer with a professor . Needless to say, I saw more fluorescent rays this summer than I did sun rays.





Mi Piace Butler!

I’m tempted to write this post in Italian, but I figured I would cut out your stop to Google Translate in the interest of time. Before I go on, you should know a few things about me. I’m a Creative Writing Major. My classes consist of reading literature and writing both research papers and works of fiction. Except for one class–la lingua di Italiano.

I have studied the language and culture of Italy for the past two years, and fallen in love with that boot shaped country. Professoressa Lucchi-Reister is behind the magic of the class. A native to Rome, she has worked diligently with me and my classmates to help us to enter into the historically rich culture of Italy.

In the interest of pursuing this part of my education, I plan on studying abroad there in the spring. This is a fine example of how Butler encourages its students to expand their horizons beyond their major, to develop a more holistic understanding of the world, and the communities that surround us. I’ll leave you with this short video, one my favorite examples of the idiosyncrasies of the Italian culture.

What It Is Pt. 2

To recap: my day has been busy. After Club Frisbee practice in all of its cloudy, rain-soaked glory, I went back to my room, sweaty and muddy. My plans to rest were dashed when some of my friends snatched me up and took me to a Zumba session. If you’re wondering what Zumba is, here’s a little video to give you an idea. (Note: all dancing done by me was less coordinated, fluid, or resembling of a dance than it appears in the video.) This Zumba event was part of the philanthropy held by a sorority, a common occurrence on Butler’s campus.

A great de-stresser after a long day of classes.

Thoroughly exhausted, I was nearly on my couch when I was texted a remind about Calliope, our group that meets weekly to discuss each others writing. . And here I end my day, sitting down to homework and a cup of tea to relax.

Butler is where my life is happening. And not the kind of passive life where a lot of things are thrown my way. I’m taking charge, following the passions of my life, deepening the friendships I have made and entering into a fuller understanding of how to pursue the things I love. Over the coming months, if you continue to read my posts, you will get an inside look of the Butler Way, and what this university has to offer anyone who choose to walk its halls.

What It Is

If you’re reading this post, you are probably one of two things: interested in Butler, or a person with a loooooot of time on their hands, having  grown bored with StumbleUpon and in need of new ways to fill the free time.

In either case, I believe I have the cure to your curiosity or your careful avoidance of meaningful life direction. The life of a Butler student can’t be accurately explained, summarized, or nut shelled. It is best when shown or experienced. Since I am the one experiencing it, it is therefore my responsibility to show you. That’s right. YOU.

SGA: where leaders and engaged students collide.

My day started with class, where I studied Shakespeare’s comedies. After lunch I had another class where I learned about the various components of a computer, from hard drives to pixels per square inch. I had a meeting after that, followed by my Memoir writing class, from which I sprinted to this semester’s Student Government Association’s (SGA) kick off meeting. The urge to nap was only subdued by my need to eat. By the time I was finished, it was off to my Ultimate Frisbee Club practice (despite the clouds and drizzly weather).

To be continued…Here.