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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Over Achieving Boredom

So finals are coming up this week and luckily for me I only really have one actual exam and the rest are just writing final papers. Since I want to make the most of my relaxation time. So that means this weekend I have been  unnecessarily  finishing most of my papers for classes so next week I won’t have much to do.

Since I’ve been doing all of my assignments so awkwardly early, I’ve been using a lot of my free time to browse the web and see what I find. One of the things I’ve found a new pasion for are stop motion videos. They involve so much work and effort to make that it amazes me whenever I see intricate ones. This is one of my favorites:

YouTube Preview Image

Hopefully one day, with enough patience, I will be able to make one too.

The Butler Way

Saying that yesterday was a rough day for me may be an understatement. After getting sick and having to leave class early, I headed to my dorm and somehow must have dropped my wallet. I noticed I lost it about a couple hours later and searched EVERYWHERE for it. I decided to go to the main desk out front to see if someone found it and someone did in fact turned it in! Whoever found my wallet, if you’re reading this, THANKS A MILLION!! That just truly shows how nice people are here on campus.

That evening I felt better and got to resume my nighttime rituals of going to Starbucks and finishing up homework. I have so many assignments and projects due next week that I’m finding it to be a necessity to be on my game and managing my time wisely! Hopefully after next week everything will be a little less hectic!

Random Video of the Day:

I just love these “Butler’s Cribs” videos on YouTube!

YouTube Preview Image

It’s Friday!

Usually I’m happy when it is Friday but today it is bittersweet because it means that the end of Spring Break is approaching. But, it will be fun to get back to Butler and back to my weekly classes. I’m saying this now but I’m sure I’ll regret it once the homework starts piling on!!

In other news….. There is a song/video that is blowing up big on iTunes and Youtube that I thought I’d share. It’s called “Friday” (how appropriate) and I must say it is terrible and entertaining at the same time! There was even a Yahoo story on how bad it is.

But since it’s so bad, it makes the song kind of good! As of right now it has 17 million views on Youtube which is a big jump from having 9 million yesterday. I guess it is from all the media exposure. The girl who sings it was on Good Morning America this morning so that had to help.

Here it is in all its awkward glory!

YouTube Preview Image