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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Whole Foods Love

I’ve recently become obsessed with Whole Foods. I’ve gone there before but on Friday I decided to stock my room with groceries from there and have made a pact that I’ll only eat healthy foods forever! I’m assuming this is just a phase that’ll last two days but in the mean time, I’ll be under my own delusion!

After Spanish class on Friday I went to Whole Foods and picked up some fresh fruit, healthy drinks, cookies, chips, cookies, and popcorn. Needless to say I’ll be going back again this upcoming weekend to get more! I’m basically aiming to be the next Dr. Oz. I’ve eaten most of the food I purchased already (whoops!) so I’ll make sure I get enough that’ll last me a while when I go next time!

Some of the drinks I bought at Whole Foods!

Project X

I made a really random trip back home this weekend, in part because I completely ran out of laundry and refuse to pay for it, and because I wanted to see my family! While home, I went to the movies with my friend Jessica to see the movie Project X. Before I get into why the movie was so horrible let me just say, I only recommend people to see this if they just want to see a ridiculously unnecessary movie.

Project X tells the story of three nerdy teenagers who aspire to be popular and decide to do so by throwing a party. Of course you know where this is going. The party gets really out of hand to te point where about 2,000 people show up. Of course it take the whole movie until the police arrive to break it up but the partiers fight back and the SWAT team is called in. …Really?


But wait, it gets worse. Right after completely unnecessary scenes of nudity, a crazy guy decides to bring a flame thrower and burns down everything in sight, including the guy who threw the party’s neighborhood. After the SWAT team makes the party disperse by pouring water on them, because the flame thrower wasn’t good enough, the boy’s parents return. And to really make this movie horrible, the boy’s father ends up being impressed with his son because he didn’t think he had it in him! No, his dad should’ve been a little more angry than a chuckle. And the ending gets even more unbelievable because he finally becomes popular and basically gets no punishment at all, even after inciting a riot, burning his neighborhood down, and driving his dad’s Mercedes in the pool.

This may have been the worst movie ever. I’d also not see it with family….. Or people in general… Nevertheless, it did look like a cool party.

YouTube Preview Image

Random Birthdays

Friday night I was minding my own business when I got a call from my friend Jill who said she was in town visiting our friend Braelyn who turned 20 that night and invited me to come. Of course I’m not one to turn down a party invitation, so I went!

When I got there, there were about a million people. I worked my way through the crowd and found Jill and saw that a lot of my friends from high school were there too. I ended up having a great time talking with everyone but had to cut my visit early since there was an ice storm outside and I didn’t want to get stuck at the party. Thank goodness the weather got better as I got back to my dorm.

To prepare for the party, I foolishly drank a five hour energy drink and was up until about 4 am. Needless to say I’m still tired today. That being said, I’ll probably go take a nap right now!

Here's a picture of us congratulating the birthday girl!

It’s Friday!

Usually I’m happy when it is Friday but today it is bittersweet because it means that the end of Spring Break is approaching. But, it will be fun to get back to Butler and back to my weekly classes. I’m saying this now but I’m sure I’ll regret it once the homework starts piling on!!

In other news….. There is a song/video that is blowing up big on iTunes and Youtube that I thought I’d share. It’s called “Friday” (how appropriate) and I must say it is terrible and entertaining at the same time! There was even a Yahoo story on how bad it is.

But since it’s so bad, it makes the song kind of good! As of right now it has 17 million views on Youtube which is a big jump from having 9 million yesterday. I guess it is from all the media exposure. The girl who sings it was on Good Morning America this morning so that had to help.

Here it is in all its awkward glory!

YouTube Preview Image

This Upcoming Weekend!

So this weekend I’m pretty happy for because 1. it’s the beginning of Thanksgiving break and 2. I’m going to visit Loyola (again) to see my friends! Their break doesn’t start until November 24th while mine at Butler starts as soon as my last class ends on the 19th! So it’ll be fun gloating how I’m out of school and they still have two more days of classes. :)

So I have one more test this week and I’ll be done with tests until after break! I do, however, have to work on a project for my Irish Literature class. Hopefully it won’t be too challenging.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to comment or ask any questions about life on campus!

Random Song of the Day: “Draggin’ The River” by Blake Shelton feat. Miranda Lambert

Random Photo of the Day:

This is the last picture from my vacation (promise!). This was another street performer in Barcelona but if you look closely, he was floating in midair.

Good Time At Home!

I went home this weekend, mostly to get a haircut, but I had a great time! I’ll go through my weekend.

Friday: After my last class I got all my stuff together to go home. As soon as I went home I immediately drove to Chipotle and got a burrito bowl. :)

Saturday: In the morning I went to get my hair cut. Then I went to Hooters with my friend Colleen. I had been craving it all week and FINALLY got some. That night I went to my friend Amanda’s house who also went home this weekend. She attends the University of Indianapolis.

Sunday: After Church, I got to eat eat my first home cooked meal in weeks! Then I took the two and a half hour drive back to Indy and I was glad to get back!

The “Random Photo of the Day” today is a picture of my group in Ambassadors of Change (AOC), which I participated in at Butler. We got to move into our dorms a week early and my specific group was government oriented so we got to take a tour of the state capitol building. It was a great way to meet other freshmen and participate in a program that let me explore my interests more. I recommend it for all in-coming freshmen. For more information on Ambassadors of Change click here.

Random Song of the Day: “Free” by Donavon Frankenreiter

Random Photo of the Day:

This was my group in Ambassadors of Change

Happy Halloween!

So I spent my Halloween weekend at IU in Bloomington! I visited my friends and it was so much fun! I dressed as a SUPER fan. I wore a cape, a foam finger, and an IU shirt. But, I still love my Butler Bulldogs!

IU was a fun experience because there are so many people. It was fun maneuvering through the crowds of people to get to different places. My favorite part was when me and my friend Jill were walking down the street and a random person threw marshmallows at us! It doesn’t sound fun or that exciting but trust me, it was the funniest thing ever.

Since my weekend was all play and no work, after mass today, I have to write three papers today for this week! It was worth it though!

That’s my weekend in a nutshell! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Random Song of the Day: “Please Don’t Go” by Mike Posner

Random Photo of the Day:

This is us in our costumes! Jill was Pocahontas, I was a "Super" Fan, and Cassi was a Greek Goddess.

Fall Retreat!

Fall retreat was a WONDERFUL way to relax this weekend! I’ll go through all of the events and things which happened during the weekend! It was sponsored by Cru and featured students from various different universities such as IU, Purdue, Wabash, Valparaiso, and of course Butler! Because of this, I got to meet and become friends with many people from different colleges and had a great time!

Friday: I drove two other people down to Seymour, Indiana to SpringHill Camps. We got there and then had to register and were allowed to sign up for different activities such as zip-lining or wall climbing. Then we were assigned cabins and were bused to our camps, since the camp was extremely large! That night we all got together and listened to a guest speaker and got into our discussion groups to discuss our thoughts about not only religion but also about our views on various world issues. To end the night, everyone was invited to play a mass game of Capture the Flag!

Saturday: Since I slept through most of it, I only have a partial story about today. I was awake from 5:30 AM on Friday to 1:00 AM on Saturday so I was EXHAUSTED! I slept through breakfast and lunch and woke up just in time to get into group discussion and partake in the day’s activities. The majority of the people played in the lake but some decided to stay inside (like me) where it was cool. I mostly played ping pong and foosball with my friends Kevin and Brian.

Sunday: This day was my least eventful day at retreat because I had to leave early. I ate breakfast, which consisted of just a plain bowl of cereal, and left retreat 2 hours early because I had to arrive at Butler by 11 to meet my friend Hayley who was coming in form out of town. Hayley goes to Loyola in Chicago and wanted to see my campus. I took her around Butler and then we decided to eat at Bagel Ripple Deli which is not too far off of campus! We then went to visit our two friends at IUPUI to end the night and we ate at Noodles & Company for dinner! It was my first time eating there and it was delicious!

That was my weekend in a nutshell! Sorry for it being so long! I’ll also be doing a random song of the day to change things up!

Random Song of the Day: “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” by Katy Perry

Random Photo of the Day:

My set of cabins at retreat had a Western theme which made things fun!